Welcome to 6th Grade

We are excited to be your child's sixth grade teachers, working with many talented students.  There are many exciting activities planned for the year, as well as math, reading, writing, poetry.  Please watch for progress reports sent each week to keep you informed.  In addition, your child will be expected to have homework for about 30 minutes, nightly.  All students must have their math facts memorized and be ready for Accelerated Reader. 

Arizona State Standards

Mrs. Vanessa Hernandez
Room 31

Mr. Jason Ryan
Room 32

Ms. Lindsay Gould
Room 26


Individual Student

3- Composition book
3 packets of college ruled loose leaf paper
1- 2" binder
1- set of pocket folder dividers
1- pencil pouch with 3 hole punch (Please no pencil boxes)
#2 Pencils (mechanical pencils are fine as well)
Pens- black or blue
Highlighters (at least 2 different colors)
4oz bottle of Elmer's glue
1 pair of adult scissors
Color Pencils
Markers (thick and thin)
Boxes of Kleenex
Internet access: Students will do a lot of their assignments online and turn them in that way as well