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Special Education



The Specific Learning Disability (SLD) program at Pomeroy Elementary is a Special Education program for students who are functioning below their ability level in the areas of reading, writing, and math.  Once students are identified with a specific learning disability, instruction is provided through a continuum of services.  Assistance is provided within a resource classroom, or in an inclusion setting.

  • For resource, they are pulled into small groups for direct instruction on the skills for which they qualified in reading, writing, and math.

  • For inclusion, the SLD teacher (or aide) collaborates with the general education teacher to provide accommodations in the classroom for each SLD student so that they can be successful in the grade level curriculum.

Our goal is to bring students from the level they are performing at, to a level in which they can be successful in the gereral education classroom.


The Speech and Language Impairment (SLI) program, which is under the umbrella of special education, is staffed by a trained speech and language pathologist who works with students, teachers, and parents to provide consultation, screening, assessment and intervention in the areas of articulation, fluency, voice and language.  Within the SLI program, language is recognized as the foundation for learning within academic subjects and a primary goal is to maximize a student's communication skill to support learning.  In addition to working directly with students the speech-language pathologist consults with classroom teachers and other staff on ways to improve the communication skills of children who have not been identified as eligible for special education.

     Sarah Rice                                                                  Kelsey Boone SLP
     Psychologist                                                                Lisa Kerrigan SLP                                 
     480-472-3770                                                              Room 2                             

     Gail Kroll SLD                                                             Linda Rinne SLD
     Room 3                                                                       Room 4
     480-472-3703                                                             480-472-3704

     Renell Walker SLD                                                     Clerical Aide - Carol Bates
     Room 4                                                                       480-472-3759


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