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Grading Scale

Grade clipart

All assignments, assessments, and content related report card grades will be given using the following letter grade scale:

A= 90%-100%

B= 80%-89%

C= 70%-79%


F=59% and below


What does my grade mean?

A= I understand completely, my work is neat and complete, I gave excellent effort.

B= I mostly understand, my work is mostly neat and complete, I gave good effort.

C= I understand some, I need to ask more questions, not all of my work is neat or complete, it may not be my best effort.

D or F = I do not understand, I need to ask for help, my work may not be neat or complete.


Behavior grades on progress reports and end of quarter report cards are based off of the effort scale shown below:

4= Outstanding

3= Satisfactory/Consistent

2= Improving/Not Consistent

1= Area of Concern