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Homework Agenda

To help you be aware of what needs to be done daily and also to help your child learn to be organized and responsible, he/she will utilize an agenda which they should always keep in or with their homework folder inside their binder. We will spend time each day writing in the agendas, however, it is their job and responsibility to write down their homework and to also record upcoming tests or due dates. The agenda will be given to them during the first week of school.

Please take time to look this over with your child and check the planner regularly. Not only will it help keep you updated on what we are doing in class and what your child should be working on from home, but it will also serve as a valuable organization and study tool if used faithfully. This will lead your child towards good study and work habits.

I will stamp your child’s calendar each day that it is filled in correctly WITH a parent/ guardian initial. Although points will not be given specifically for having your initials, your child will be rewarded at the end of each month if they have all of their stamps. Again, this will be beneficial for them and for you.


Homework Folder

A blue homework folder will be given to your child on the first day of school. This folder should always be found in or near their homework agenda and kept inside their binders. It will also be used to keep papers going to and from school neat and orderly. It should be cleaned out accordingly each night and brought back to school each morning. This routine, too, will aid in responsibility and organization skills for your child.

There will not be an organized list or set of assignments given every day, with the exception of nightly spelling practice. Homework will be sent home if we need extra practice on a specific skill or if your child did not complete an assignment given during the regular school day. In which case, you should expect your child to have no more than 30 minutes of homework Monday-Thursday. Their homework on Fridays will be to show you their progress report, create a goal for the following week, complete a letter on the back side, get it signed, and return to school on Monday.

Whether there is a homework assignment or not, your child should spend time every day and get into a habit of the following:

  • reading for at least 20 minutes
  • studying spelling/vocabulary words
  • practicing math facts
  • studying states and capitals
  • using and applying math skills and techniques
  • writing as often as they can
  • reviewing previous skills, assignments, and tests
  • preparing for upcoming tests