Mesa Public Schools will begin the school year on August 4 with enhanced, structured remote learning for all students. | Las Escuelas Públicas de Mesa comenzarán el año escolar el 4 de agosto con un aprendizaje remoto estructurado y mejorado para todos los estudiantes. Learn more | Aprenda más

The links below are great references when searching for information regarding Mesa Public Schools, district assessments, the Common Core State Standards, etc. 

Mesa Public Schools

Title 1 Information

Parent University

ELA Standards

Math Standards

Science Standards

Social Studies Standards

AzMERIT Information

Gifted and Talented

Special Education Information

District Student Technology Policy

5th Grade Classroom Technology Agreement


Use the links below as resources to help your child practice skills from home.

Sites for practice and review


Khan Academy

Long Division Strategies

Using the area model

Using partial quotients (also called super 7)

Using base 10 blocks


Adding and Subtracting Fractions with Unlike Denominators

Adding using the area model

Subtract using the area model


Multiplying Fractions

Using the area model