Supplies  (Updated 5/2019)

Individual Student

4 - College ruled refill paper packs

1- Composition book, grid paper

1- set of pocket folder dividers

1- pencil pouch with 3 hole punch (Please no pencil boxes)

24 pack of #2 Pencils (mechanical pencils are fine as well)

Pens- black or blue

Highlighters (at least 2 different colors)

Color Pencils

Markers (thick and thin)

Boxes of Kleenex

Headphones (one set that is kept at school) 

Internet access. Students will do a lot of their assignments online and turn them in that way as well

2- Trifold boards. Students will be required to participate in the science fair and the wax museum. If you would like to purchase these right away you can, if not you can purchase at the time of the projects.


**** For space saving efforts we are asking for students to not bring backpacks. If you would still like them to bring a backpack they will be hanging it on a hook in the classroom****


Class Donations:

Pencils, Pencils, and more pencils!


EXPO dry erase markers

Small erasers (facial wash clothes at the Dollar Tree)

Disinfectant wipes

Any other items on the supply list would be helpful 


Recommended to have at home for unfinished class projects:


pencils, crayons, markers, colored pencils


lined paper