Ideas to make writing fun at home:

  • Make a shopping list
  • Write down a recipe
  • Write a letter to a relative or friend
  • Make up a story
  • Start a story and then pass it to a friend or family member to add to or finish
  • Make a Power Point Presentation on the computer
  • Mad Libs

Ideas to make spelling fun:

  • Walk and talk-walk from one end of the room to the other spelling words out loud
  • Use colored pencils to write each letter in a different color OR write vowels in red and the rest of the letters in blue
  • Make categories of words that have the same spelling pattern or that rhyme
  • Use pasta or dull toothpicks and build words out of it on a hard surface
  • Use watercolor paints or shaving cream to create the words 
  • Use Legos to build words on a hard surface
  • Use small twigs or rocks to build words on a hard surface

Ideas to make math fun:

  • Use food items or seeds as counters and then eat: Gummy Candy, M&M's, Cheerios, Smarties, Sunflower seeds etc...
  • Use blocks or Legos as counters and then build with them 
  • Find shapes around the home or in the outside world talk about why it is that shape and how you know
  • Measure how tall, long and wide items are around the house or in the outside world (Ikea is the perfect store for this)
  • Practice math facts in the car and make it a game to see who can get the most points
  • Cook from recipes and use measuring cups and then try to double the recipe and figure out the correct math
  • Build a bird house, figure out the dimensions, measure and cut 
  • Practice math facts using the same strategies listed in the spelling word practice section

**Most importantly remember that learning should be fun!  If your child really does not want to do their work, use one of the strategies listed above to help make it less like work and more like play.  The skills we practice a little everyday eventually become skills we master, so practice, practice, practice and have some fun!