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Mrs. Kimberly Flanary

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Phone: (480) 472-3706

Welcome to Pomeroy Montessori!

I am Kimberly Flanary.  I love teaching Montessori!  I enjoy teaching the children on their individual levels and encouraging them to work at their own pace.  My day is brightened every day as I watch children explore their learning and come to realizations as they work with the materials.  Every year I teach Montessori, each group of children presents their own way of thinking that causes me to rethink my teaching.  

To our parents... Thank you for sharing your precious child with me every day even if only for a few hours.  Your children challenge me as a teacher and I will challenge them as well.   

Montessori has always been a community of learners.  I would like this website to be a community of learners as well.  There are several pages that I would like our classroom community to contribute to in order for us to build upon each other's knowledge.  Thank you for helping build this community website.