Homework Tips:

I try to keep homework very similar every week so families know what to expect.  If your child forgets his/her homework folder, you are welcome to find similar activities and send those in with your child.  If you would like to challenge your child even more than the homework requires... please feel free to find some extension activities as your child's homework and send those instead of the homework.  

Every Night-

Reading- Please, please encourage your child to read every night.  If you have a beginning reader, read with them and explain some of the concepts he/she might come across in the books.  If you have a child who is able to read fairly fluently, have him/her read a chapter to you and then you could ask some questions about the chapter to check for comprehension.  

Math Facts-  Are the simple facts that involve single digit addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  In Montessori, we focus on accuracy and not speed.  In order for your child to gain speed in the math facts, I ask that you practice with them every night for a few minutes.  (It should only take a few minutes.)

Helpful hints-  Figure out a starting point with your child (i.e. +3 and -2 or x5 and /6). Work through those facts and then move on to the next step once your child has mastered those few facts.   

Daily Homework-

Monday- Writing-  Your child should write complete sentences.  When I help children with their writing, I only focus on one skill at a time, so they are not overwhelmed.  I might encourage a child to change a few vocabulary words in their writing to make it more interesting or just work on getting ideas down on a page.  Writing for homework is not a final copy.  You do not have to pull teeth to get everything spelled correctly.

Tuesday- Math and Language

Wednesday- Reading Comprehension

Thursday- Handwriting

Check the bottom of the homework calendar for coming events.