Suggested Supply List for Room 6

Arizona Law will not allow any public school to require students to supply classroom materials at student expense. Everything a student needs for the basic instructional and activity program must be funded by the school, and that is exactly what we do.

Here is a list of optional supplies if you would like to purchase supplies for your child and our classroom.

Optional Supply List 

  • 4 composition notebooks (stitched, not spiral bound)
  • 1 primary journal, early creative story tablet (check at Walmart or Target)
  • Smile (not optional) 

Wish List

Anything on this list will be shared with the class as a whole.  This is a wish list ... a few items from this list would be appreciated.

  • hand pencil sharpener
  • box of #2 standard pencils
  • colored pencils or art supplies
  • 1 box of facial tissue or band-aids
  • Low light potted plant with a dish to catch the water
  • tape for a table top dispenser
  •  $5 Amazon gift card for literature sets
  • Glue Sticks
  • EXPO Dry erase markers
  • Ream of copy paper

 Please label the supplies with your child's name.  Anything on the wish list will be used for the benefit of the whole classroom and does not need to be labeled. 

No backpacks, please. There is not enough room in the classroom for 25 backpacks.

Thank you for your support and generosity.