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5th Grade English Language Arts

Fifth grade students build on their ability to read longer words, using roots, prefixes, and suffixes

to determine the meaning of unknown words. Students explain how an author supports points in

a text. They use quotes accurately when referring to the text. Students keep the audience in

mind and include a clear sequence of events when writing. Students listen to a speaker or

media source and identify reasons and evidence provided to support particular points. They

identify and discuss misleading ideas.


  • Quote accurately when referring to text
  • Determine the main ideas and summarize the text
  • Compare and contrast texts
  • Explain how an author uses reason or evidence to support points in a text
  • Reading: Foundational Skills
  • Use grade-level phonics and word analysis skills
  • Read with accuracy and fluency


• Write opinion pieces that support a point of view with reasons and information

• Write informative texts that share ideas and information

• Write narratives that use related descriptive details and a clear sequences of events

• Write clearly and with a purpose; keep the audience in mind

• Use technology to publish writing; type two pages in a single sitting

Speaking and Listening

• Summarize information presented

• Identify reasons and evidence a speaker or media source provides to support particular


• Identify and discuss misleading ideas

• Plan and deliver a speech

• Deliver a memorized poem or section of a speech

• Use expression and gestures


• Use correct grammar

• Use verb tenses correctly

• Use correct capitalization, punctuation, and spelling

• Use punctuation to separate items in a series/list

• Use underlining, quotation marks, or italics in a title

• Vary sentence length and style

• Compare and contrast styles used in literature

• Use a variety of methods to determine the meaning of an unknown word