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        Great interactive tool to learn latitude and longitude and view the various sites of the world! If you don't have this, download it! Enjoy!

This site allows you to practice different maps around the world.


Native Americans

In this unit, our class will be learning about the different culture regions of the Native Americans. Through learning the characteristics of each region this will allow us to understand America's history more in depth. Listed below are the seven regions: Northwest Coast, California-Intermountain, Southwest, Plateau, Great Plains, Eastern Woodlands, and the Southeast.


Age of Exploration

History takes us to the Age of Exploration. The students will discover why Europeans started exploring, researching significant explorers, and understanding where certain countries claimed land. During this unit, the students will be doing an Explorer Report. Look for information to come at the end of first quarter.


 Colonial America

        Learning about the Thirteen Colonies brings up great discussions about America's past. Our class will be learning the different characteristics about the New England Colonies, Middle Colonies, and the Southern Colonies. We will learn what type of people settled there, what jobs were found there, what the land and climate is like, etc....Also we will begin to understand how these colonies were being treated by England.


 American Revolution

       This one of my favorite units!! After understanding the colonies and our relationship with England, our class will begin to understand the terms: Patriot and Loyalist. We will do some simulations to make history come alive! Also keep on the lookout for the Boston Tea Party play.



       Fifth grade focuses on learning the different branches of the government, meaning of democracy, understanding the Bill of Rights, and how our country was founded.


State Report

       The state report is the biggest report of the year. In April, your student will be picking a state. The state project will include a written report and poster. The students will


States/ Capitals

Great tool to practice the states and capitals!