Special Ed Teachers

Julia Apodaca 2018Candice KannapelShannae Johnsonhuberbrownfrost  
(L-R) Ms. Apodaca, Mrs. Kannapel, Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Huber, Ms. Brown, Mrs. Frost

Not Pictured:  Ms. Desmond, Ms. Darger, Ms. Morse

Welcome to Special Education

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               Mrs. Candice Kannapel                  Room 3          480-472-6703      


           Ms. Carol Desmond                        Room 18        480-472-6718

           Miss Crystal Brown                         Room 13        480-472-6713


           Ms. Julia Apodaca                          Room 33        480-472-6737

            Ms. Shannae Johnson                    Room 34        480-472-6734

            Mrs. Sandra Huber                         Room 4          480-472-6704


            Mrs. Claudia Frost                           Room 28        480-472-6728


            Ms. Anita Morse                               Room 17        480-472-6737

            Ms. Rebekah Daroff                         Room 17        480-472-6717

SPED Clerk

            Mrs. Janelle Jordan Barker              Room 17       480-472-6717

Supply List

The following is a suggested list of supplies for Special Education. Mesa Public Schools supplies students with the materials they need to be successful in school, but it has been our experience that students often times enjoy having their own supplies to use in class and at home.

1 inch Binders     Copy Paper     Pencils     3 Ring Binder

Spiral Notebooks     Whiteboard Markers     Pocket Folders

Poster Board     Antibacterial Face & Hand Wipes

Bright Colored Cardstock     Tissues     Prize Chest Donations

Water Day 2016
Instructional Aides Support Staff
Zoo Trip
4 students from Ms. Johnson's Class taken at the zoo

Ms. Johnson's Class

Going to the Market

2016 Fall Food Drive Winners
Food Drive Winners

Congratulations Mrs. Huber's Class

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