Parent Involvement

In Title I, active parents play a vital role. Meetings are scheduled at each school throughout the year to share information that enables parents to help their children improve reading and math skills.Parents, teachers and schools work together to design and implement a program to meet the educational needs of each child.

Mesa Unified School District Title I supports parent involvement because-

• Involved parents motivate children

• Parents can support learning in the home

• Early skills acquired at home provide the foundation of learning

• Parents help increase public understanding and support for school programs

• Children develop positive attitudes about learning with involved, understanding and supportive parents

Homelessness Prevention and Rapid

Re-Housing Program      

This program helps renters who are about to be evicted or have their utilities turned off.  It offers short and medium term rental assistance, security deposits, utility payments, moving assistance, legal help and assistance with looking for new housing. 

Eligible people earn 50 percent or less of the area's median income.  For a family of four in Mesa, the median income is $32,950.

The program is being administered by Mesa's housing and rehabilitation office; call 480-644-3536.  The office is closed Fridays.  

Unaccompanied Youth

Any school-age child or youth not living with a parent or legal guardian.

Rights: Information for School-Age Youth

Resources: Please note, the following information is provided as a courtesy to families and does not constitute endorsement of, or affiliation with, any of the agencies or programs listed. Also, eligibility under McKinney-Vento in education does not guarantee eligibility for other programs 

Tumbleweed Youth Resource Center, Tempe 480.996.2036

Teen Life Line 602.248.8336


National Safe Place for Children and Youth

Arizona Self Help

Adult Education
After School Care
Arizona Promising Practices
Arizona Self Help
A New Leaf
Community Education
Enrolling Your Child
Extra Curricular Activity Donation
Family Support Specialist
Move On When Reading Overview for Parents
Vean informaciĆ³n de Moverse con Leer para los padres
Caregiver & Living Arrangements Affidavit for Homless/Abandoned Student
Rights of Homeless Students
Volunteering at Porter
Open Enrollment
Parent Education
National Center for Homeless Education

Parent Teacher Organization

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Help with Utility Bills

A New Leaf

  • If you reside in Mesa and need assistance with utility bills we may be able to help. Call 480-833-9200 at 5pm Mondays.
  • If you need assistance with rent, mortgage or utilities. Call 480-833-9200 Tuesdays at 5pm.
  • If you have a disconnection notice for utilities electric or gas. call 480-833-9200 Monday - Friday 8am-5pm.