Student Responsibilities

All students have the responsibility to:

Respect the rights of others to study and learn.

Students come to school for an education.  No one has the right to interfere with the education of others.


Attend school daily unless ill or legally excused.

Students in Arizona are required by law to attend school until the age of 16 or upon completion of the 10th grade.  Students have a responsibility to take advantage of every opportunity to learn so they can function effectively in society.


Be on time for all classes.

Students who enter a classroom after a class has begun are interfering with the rights of others to learn and study.


Complete all in-class and homework assignments, and meet deadlines.

The responsibility for learning cannot be transferred from the student to the teacher.  There can be no effective education when students are free to decide whether they will do the assigned work.  Since everything that must be learned cannot be accomplished during the school day, there will be homework assignments.  Education is an ongoing process that doesn’t stop when the school day ends.


Come to class with necessary books and materials.

A teacher should not have to delay class because a student has come unprepared to begin work.  This interferes with the rights of others to learn and study.  Getting an education requires more than merely being in class, just as keeping a job requires more than merely showing up for work.


Respect public property, and carefully use and return all materials and equipment. 

Schools are a community’s gift to its young people.  It is wrong to abuse that gift.  Responsible use of materials and equipment will preserve them for future students.


Obey school rules.

Rules are designed to allow a school to meet its obligation to educate students.  Students have a responsibility to obey these rules so each student as the proper environment in which to learn.


Volunteer information, and cooperate with school staff in disciplinary cases.

Every community depends upon the willingness of citizens to play a part in upholding the rules by which everyone has agreed to live.  To volunteer information and cooperate with school staff members are the obligations of a good citizen.


See that school documents and correspondence to parents reach home.

Education requires a partnership between the home and the school.  For the partnership to work, those involved must know what is happening.  Students are asked to meet their responsibility to be honest and not intercept nor destroy progress reports, attendance information and report cards.


Comply with legal responsibilities.

Students are to comply with policies and regulations, pursue the required course of study and respond appropriately to the authority of the teachers, administration and Governing Board.

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