MPS proposes bond projects

Mesa Public Schools proposed spending:

Last fall, voters approved a $230 million bond issue in Mesa Public Schools. The first sale, of $46 million in bonds, is set for April. District officials propose spending proceeds from the sale on these projects:


Facilities — Year 1 total: $20.8 million

·         $13.8 million for campus security and a variety of renovations requested by schools throughout the district

·         $4 million to demolish Mesa Junior High

·         $3 million for the first phase of a building to replace Dobson High’s portable classrooms


Technology — Year 1 total: $14.7 million

·         $3.6 million for innovative classroom projects

·         $5.6 million for expandable campus networks

·         $4.2 million for wireless connections to the Internet

·         $1.3 million for DataCenter, Internet Edge and Core


Transportation — Year 1 total: $10.5 million

·         $7.5 million to buy 60 air-conditioned, energy-efficient propane school buses

·         $3 million to renovate the district’s three regional transportation hubs


Sales of the remaining $184 million in bonds are scheduled annually through the 2019-20 school year.


We are grateful to our parents and the public for investing in the future by voting for basic improvements that kids need to succeed — reliable transportation, safe and sound learning environments and 21st century technology.


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