IMPORTANT Announcement

Service Dog on Campus

Dear Porter Parents/Guardians:

This letter is to inform you that this year, there will be a service dog on our campus during the school day throughout the year. This service dog is professionally trained to recognize and perform tasks for the benefit of our student. Service dogs are recognized as a reasonable accommodation under Title II of the ADA federal regulations and are allowed in public settings, including schools.

The name of the service dog working at our school is Ziva and she is a chocolate Giant Schnoodle. 
She does not shed and is considered a hypo-allergenic breed. She gets to go everywhere with her student so she can help if needed. We will all see Ziva at assemblies and at lunch as well as in some classrooms. When Ziva is working, we do not interrupt her from her work, by trying to pet her or call out her name, even though she is really cute!

Ziva has had extensive training in manners and obedience as a puppy and then advanced training in how to work with her student. She even knows how to help her student if she ever got lost. Ziva lives with her student and her family. The family has learned how to command her to use her skills to help her student effectively.  Ziva will always follow the directions from her handler.

If your student is afraid of animals, please note that Ziva will only be with her student handler and will not have direct contact with other students.   

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding.




Paula Warren/Porter Elementary Principal


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