Pathways to Excellence

Child Study Team:  As part of the Child Study Team, I ensure that teachers have access to interventions to target specific areas of concern, both behaviorally and academically, in the general education classroom prior to a special education evaluation.  I collaborate with teams to implement evidence-based interventions, to track data, and to understand the data when trying to determine progress.  I believe strongly in prevention.

Special Education Evaluation: I conduct special education evaluations for students who are exhibiting discrepancies between their abilities and skills in the classroom in collaboration with a Multidisciplinary Evaluation Team (MET) to determine whether or not a student has a disability that requires individualized instruction and modification.

Positive Behavior Intervention Supports:  As part of the Porter team, I ensure that I am playing a role in school-wide PBIS implementation at a universal level by reinforcing students for being safe, responsible, and respectful across all areas of the school.  Research shows that PBIS and positive reinforcement enhances school climate and promotes learning and success for students.

I also adhere to Best Practices as outlined by the National Association of School Psychologists.