Ms. Alexandra Wake
Sixth Grade, Room 31

I began working with children in high school, planning and implementing lessons to cater to the developing needs of preschool aged children. I moved forth in this particular program by managing my peers and overseeing their proposed lessons. During my final year of high school, I assisted in and planned lessons for a fifth grade classroom.

Throughout my college career I took every opportunity possible to enhance my role as an educator. In addition to interning in a second, fourth, and eighth grade classroom, I spent my summers volunteering at a women and children’s center in my hometown of St. Charles IL., tutoring children and assisting in their emotional growth. My student teaching was completed in a sixth grade classroom. I flourished while teaching history. After culminating college, I began work as a teacher of at risk urban students in the inner Phoenix area. I taught Math and Science in the Phoenix alternative/ charter school from spring 2010 to spring 2011. The following year I continued my personal education while tutoring after school throughout the Mesa School District and privately. I feel as though I have truly found my home here at Porter!

I am an individual that is dedicated and passionate towards changing children’s lives through education. I am a firm believer that students must be thought of as individuals with different ways of learning and reacting, coming to you with varying levels of knowledge and experience. I am never discouraged by a child’s inability to acquire a concept; rather I am constantly searching for new and innovative ways to reach my students. I am willing to go to any length to ensure student achievement, nurturing their self – esteem along the way.

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