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Homework Policies

* Check & Sign Agenda's  Daily

* Homework Assignments will be written into agenda. 

* Homework should never take more than 30 min.  If your has been working and can not complete the assignment in 30 min. Stop and write a note in the agenda.

Behavior Policies

Expected Behavior

Be Respectful

    - I raise my hand to speak during a lesson

     - I ask for permission before I touch something that is not mine

     - I keep unkind thoughts and actions to myself

     - I use school appropriate words

     - I use the right voice level at the right time

     - I use good posture when the teacher is teaching a lesson


Be Responsible

     - I protect and take care of school materials that I use

     - I protect and take care of my personal items

     -  I follow directions  

    -  I bring my completed homework to school every day

-  I get my assigned  class work finished in a timely manner

-  I listen when the teacher is giving instructions

- I participate during instruction

- follow classroom routines

Be Safe