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Homework Policies

*  DAILY Assignments will be given Monday - Thursday,  

    - signed agenda

   - unfinished classwork  

* Homework should only  take 20- 30 min.  If your student is giving their best effort for 30 min. then stop and please notify me so I can make adjustments.

* Extra credit can be earned for reading 15 min.  Parents must indicate the amount of time and what the student read in the agenda.

I will never take away a recess time for incomplete homework or incomplete classwork. I strongly believe students need to be outside. HOWEVER... students still need to be held responsible.

* All incomplete work must me done no later than 1 week otherwise they will receive and F on the assignment.  This may mean that they need to complete assignments during the weekend.

PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention System)

Earn Personal Best Pass by:                                  Personal Best Lottery:      

- showing improvement in reading fluency              - special chair privilege

- showing improvement in math fact                       - first to choose weekly job

- showing improvement in IEP goals                       - special treat  

- demonstrating exemplary behavior - lunch movie

- demonstrating growth mindset - lunch with Principal                   


Behavior Policies

Expected Behavior

Be Respectful

    - I raise my hand to speak during a lesson

     - I ask for permission before I touch something that is not mine

     - I keep unkind thoughts and actions to myself

     - I use school appropriate words

     - I use the right voice level at the right time

     - I use good posture when the teacher is teaching a lesson


Be Responsible

     - I protect and take care of school materials that I use

     - I protect and take care of my personal items

     -  I follow directions  

    -  I bring my completed homework to school everyday

-  I get my assigned  class work finished in a timely manner

-  I listen when the teacher is giving instructions

- I participate during instruction

- follow classroom routines



1st Infraction:

Teacher will conference with student to explain what they need to do to make a correction in attitude or behavior. Student will miss an opportunity to earn class point, money, or personal best pass.

2nd  Infraction:

Teacher / student will call parent to make them aware of the behavior or attitude that needs to be corrected. In addition to missing an opportunity to earn class incentives, student may be asked to move to a different spot in the classroom away from distractions.

3rd Infraction:

Conference with student, teacher and parent to develop a plan of action which may involve 1 hour detention or in school suspension.

4th Infraction:

Parent will receive a call from Principal, which may involve further detention, in school suspension  or out of school suspension.