Welcome to Mrs. Verry's Class


Dear Parents,


Welcome to Room 6.  This is an exciting year for your child and by working together we can build his/her positive feelings toward school.  This packet will give you helpful information about our classroom.  Over the next few weeks we will be putting many new routines into place.  As we begin to implement programs such as behavior plans, homework, etc. you will receive more specific information.  If you ever have any questions or concerns please contact me. I'm looking forward to sharing an exciting year with you.  There are many great activities planned and every student should have a terrific year as we learn and grow together. 






                                                                                              Mrs. Deanna Verry 





The first bell rings each morning at 7:40 am.  There should be no students on campus before this time, as there is no supervision.  At 7:40 am the bell will ring signaling the students to line up at their designated areas.  Our class will line up on the sidewalk near the north east corner of our building.  At 7:45 am the tardy bell will ring and students are to be seated and ready for the day.  Timely arrivals are both expected and appreciated.


Every Wednesday is early release at 1:45pm.  All other days, dismissal is at 2:15.


Special Classes


Daily Schedule:  Recess:  9:50-10:05  Recess / Lunch: 11:00-11:40

 Monday  Music 8:25
 Tuesday  Library            8:25              
 Wednesday                           PE 8:25
 Thursday  Computer  8:25 










*Please help your child to remember tennis shoes for PE and books for Library.




I will give your child a Class Folder, which needs to travel to and from school every day (in a backpack please).     Please look through your child’s folder each night to make sure they have completed their assignments.  Also look for their behavior marked on their calendar.  Please sign your name on the calendar each night indicating you are aware of any behavior problems and that your child has completed their homework.



Snacks, Recess & Lunch


Each morning we will have a short snack time.  Students are encouraged, but not required to bring a snack to eat.  Snacks should be healthy, individual sized and be easily eaten in 5 minutes or less.  Some good examples are: fruit, crackers, granola bars, fruit snacks.  Please NOsandwiches, bags of chips, ramen noodles or yogurt.  Students are also encouraged to bring water to school.  We would prefer small water bottles (12-20 oz) with sport tops (tops that pop up and down to prevent large spills).  If a water bottle becomes a “toy” during class it will be taken away.


Students may purchase a lunch from the cafeteria or bring a lunch from home.  Lunch cost is $1.75 per day or $8.75 per week.  Milk can be purchased for $0.50.  To avoid lost lunch money, it is best to pay for child’s cafeteria meals in advance by check or on-line. The cafeteria will notify students when more money is needed. You will be receiving more information from the cafeteria with menus for breakfast and lunch, and reduced price meal applications.




A birthday is a special event.  Students are welcome to bring birthday treats on or near their birthday.  Please bring individual treats, no cakes.  Health department policies require food to be store-bought.  If your child chooses to bring a treat, they will be distributed toward the end of the day.  We will celebrate summer birthdays during the last month of school. 



Personal Property


Please help your child keep all toys and personal property at home.  (including cards, balls and all electronics)  They are easily lost at school and are often the cause of arguments at recess.  We can not take class time to try to find lost items and the school cannot be responsible if they are stolen.  If I see these items out during class I will take them from the student to be returned at the end of the day.  If it happens more than once a parent will have to come to pick up the item.




Mesa Public Schools provides the all standard supplies needed in the classroom.  If your child wishes to buy school supplies, keep them at home so they can be used for homework.  The only thing your child will need to bring is a backpack.  If you are not able to provide a backpack for your child please let me know.


Often parents ask if there is anything we (teachers) need for the classroom.  3rd grade has thought about this and we have a small “Wish List”.  These are items that we purchase through out the year that are used regularly in the classroom.  Your donation to our classroom is appreciated, but again not required.


            Items to Share


            *Box of facial tissue                          *Sandwich / Quart sized zip-lock bags

            *Instant hand sanitizer                       *Bag of individually wrapped cand

            *70 sheet spiral notebooks              * Crackers or pretzels to share


Occasionally I may send home requests for other things we need in class.  These are always optional, but I greatly appreciate your help.





Homework assignments will begin the second week of school, and will be tasks which provide practice on the skills being taught at school.  More information will be sent home about homework, but please begin planning a quiet place for your child and an adult family member to work together for about 30 minutes each evening, including reading. 




Any time you have a questions or concern please don’t hesitate to call.  If you call during class time however, you will go to my voice mail and be asked to leave a message.  I will return your call in a timely manner.  If you need to get a message to a student during school hours, please call the office at 472-6700.  They will be able to get a hold of us in the classroom or around the campus.  My direct Classroom Number is 472-6706; or I can be reached by email at dlverry@mpsaz.org .




Behavior Guidelines


Having a positive learning environment is essential.  During the next few weeks we will be discussing some classroom guidelines which are based on Conscious Discipline which include:  Encouragement, Assertiveness, Positive Intent, Consequences, Choices, Composure and Empathy.



Classroom Guidelines


1.            Listen when the teacher is talking

2.            Follow directions the first time given

3.            Respect others, respect yourself, respect our school

4.            Raise your hand to speak or stand



             Compliments                                     Happy Grams

             Personal Best Passes                     Pencils

             Positive Calls Home




If your child chooses not to follow these guidelines s/he will:


1st Time         Receive a verbal warning - (clip stays green)    

2nd time         Clip moved to bottom of green (visual warning)

3rd time          Clip moved to yellow - time out.  "Think Sheet" filled out and sent home. 

4th time          Clip moved to orange– Loss of privilege

5th time           Parent contacted.


Severe Disruptions – If a student continually breaks the rules, is not willing to accept the consequences or does something severe, these consequences may be skipped and the student will be sent to the school office.   At this time discipline will be at the digression of Principal Warren.