Poston Locker Assignment Policy

 Lockers will be assigned to students who choose to pay the fee for this service when they register at Poston.  According to the "Guidelines for Student Behavior," the locker is still considered to be the property of the school district, even though a student may secure his/her personal belongings in an assigned locker.  Mesa Public Schools officials reserves the right to conduct locker searches whenever reasonable suspicion exists that a law or school rule has been violated, or that the health, safety or welfare of students or staff may be in danger.

In order to ensure locker safety and security, the following rules will apply throughout the school year.  Students who fail to abide by the school locker policies may lose their locker privileges.

  • Students are not allowed to share their lockers or their combinations with ANYONE.  Logical consequences will follow should the school discover locker violations.  Many books and belongings are lost every year due to the sharing of lockers and/or combinations.
  • Students will not be allowed to change lockers (e.g., from a bottom locker to a top locker).  See the Bookstore Manager or Security Officer if you have an extenuating circumstance that would warrant a change of lockers.
  • Students are responsible for keeping their locker and the floor space under the locker free of litter.  Students may be charged for damage done to a locker (e.g., stickers and graffiti are not allowed).  If you see graffiti on your locker, please report it immediately to campus security.  Please give security the name(s) of the individual(s) who you believe did the graffiti.
  • To keep tardiness and possible problems between students to a minimum, we ask students to plan going to their lockers BEFORE SCHOOL, BEFORE and AFTER LUNCH, and AFTER SCHOOL ONLY. This simply requires students to carry a couple of books to their morning classes and a couple of books to their afternoon classes.
  • Students are not allowed to place personal locks on Poston lockers.  If found, these locks will be cut and removed by the school without further notice.
  • Students must keep their combination in a very safe place.  Students should memorize their locker combinations as soon as possible and keep a copy of it at home for reference.  DO NOT write your combination in a conspicuous place, such as the cover of a binder.  Make sure that others do not learn your locker combination as you open it.  Ensure that your belongings are properly secured by checking your locker door before leaving the area.
  • Leave costly personal items at home.
  • Each year, students lose valuables from their lockers because they did not close and lock them properly.  Please understand that the school will assume no responsibility for textbooks or other items taken from lockers.  For further information on lockers, please consult Poston's Student Handbook.