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Re-Teach and Think Tank

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Re-Teach: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday  (4:00 - 4:35 pm)

Re-Teach is a mandatory tutoring that is assigned by a classroom teacher. This tutoring may be assigned to address academic needs. If the teacher is wanting to assign same-day Re-Teach, then they will have the student contact a parent/guardian to ensure that they are aware of the need and to ask permission. If the assignment to Re-Teach is for a future date, then this will be indicated through a stamp on the “RT” column of the requested day in the agenda.

If the student is assigned Re-Teach and Think Tank on the same day, Re-Teach will take precedence; the student will attend Re-Teach instead of Think Tank.

If the student is assigned to Re-Teach and does not attend, the next day the first hour teacher will assign the student to Think Tank.


Think Tank: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday (4:00 - 4:35 pm)

Think Tank is a mandatory detention assigned by the class room teacher. Think Tank may be assigned for tardies and/or missing materials such as the PAWS Agenda and the Poston AVID Binder. Think Tank is general a same-day consequence. Teachers will have the student contact the parent/guardian to inform them of this consequence. Assignment and attendance of the consequence will be documented through the PAWS Agenda with use of a stamp.


If the student does not attend Think Tank, the administration will assign alternative consequences that may include ALC.

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