New Student Registration

We look forward to having your student attend our school. To expedite the registration process, the following documents must be provided:
1. Proof of Residency, such as SRP, utility or phone bill in your name with your permanent address.
2. Certified Copy of Birth Certificate
3. Immunization Records
4. Withdrawal Form from Previous School
5. If possible, please supply a copy of your student's CURRENT report card and results from the AIMS, Iowa or Stanford assessments.
6. If your student currently receives special education services, please bring a copy of the current IEP and psychoeducational report. If you do not supply a copy, we will request one from the previous school. However, we cannot begin providing services until we have received a copy of the IEP.

Registration packets must be completed and given to the Poston office with the documentation noted above. Mail-in registrations for new students will not be accepted. The deadline for open enrollment has passed, and students applying now will be placed on the waiting list for the 2012-13 school year. These exceptions are granted annually. Students who have received approval for open enrollment must reapply for the subsequent school year(s).