Title I School-Wide and Target Assistance Programs

Poston receives additional supplemental funds through a Title I grant from the federal government to provide supplementary services for all of our students.  Our students benefit directly or indirectly from this extra help.  We are pleased to have these funds to provide high quality instruction for all children.

Under NCLB Public Law 107, Section 1111.1, district must notify parents of students attending Title I School-wide and Title I Targeted Assistance Programs that parents may request information on the professional qualifications of the student's teachers. The information must state if:

  • the teacher meets State Qualifications/licensure requirements,
  • the teacher is teaching under an Emergency Teaching Certificate,
  • the teacher has a baccalaureate degree,
  • the child receives services from a paraprofessional and
  • the qualifications of the paraprofessional.

If you have questions regarding our Title I Program, please contact Sue Weippert, Title I School Improvement Specialist for Poston.

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