Classroom Policies & Procedures (Online)

Expectations (School, Class and Computer Rules)

Observing the following Computer rules will be helpful for maintaining a safe computer experience:

1. Respect and Handle computers with care computers are an investment that you want to last. 

2. No food or drink Students should never have food or drink near their computers, keeping computers clean and safe.

3. Surf safely only access sites designated for the assignment.

4. Keep your files organized Set aside a few minutes at the end of class, to ensure that you are saving finished and unfinished work so you will be able to find it next time.

5. Respect others maintain the same respectful tone that you would use in verbal discussions and interactions when online in discussions boards and responding to other students.

6. Sign off and log off at the end of the day. This is the digital version of cleaning up after yourself and will make your computer load faster the next day. 

7. Don’t change settings Leave the settings on your computer exactly as you found them.

8. District board policies state that students must comply with these rules and all specific instructions from the teacher or alternative materials will be used instead of a computer.

9. I will not commit plagiarism (present other's work as my own), and understand that academic dishonesty has severe consequences.