Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

Welcome to Industrial Technology. I would like to take this opportunity to review my classroom expectations so that this will be a rewarding school year for all of us as you begin your high school career. By reading and signing these procedures, you are acknowledging your awareness and acceptance to abide by these policies in this classroom at all times.


1. Class begins when you walk in the door


2. Immediately place backpacks in the designated areas


3. Be in your seat when the first bell rings. Place safety glasses, writing materials and homework in front of you on the bench or table


4.  Sharpen pencils before the bell rings


5.  Have your stamp card out and ready to be stamped


6.  Begin written assignment


7.  Students will not talk during class until permission has been granted


8.  Students will remain in their seats or at their tables unless they are given instructions to leave their seats or tables


9.       If you have a question raise your hand and wait for assistance


10.  If you are tardy, a Think Tank will be issued.


11.  All poston school procedures will be followed in the Industrial Tech. complex


12.  No food, of any type, will be allowed in the Industrial Tech. complex


13.  Machines and tools are not to be touched until instructed to do so by the instructor


14.  Bathroom passes are not provided during the first 10 minutes and last 10 minutes of class


15. Report any accident, no matter how small, to the instructor


      16. The last 5 minutes of class are designated for clean up.


17.  All tools, materials, and books must be neatly returned to their designated places


18.  No one will leave until the instructor has checked the room and dismissed the class


19.  No late passes will be provided



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