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Courses: Girls PE and Weight Training



This is my second year at Poston Junior High and my third year of teaching!! Although I was a Stapley Sabercat growing up, I am SO excited to be a Poston Panther and see what this school year brings!

I grew up in Mesa and graduated from Mountain View! After high school, I went to college at Montana State University in Billings, MT where I majored in Health Education and Spanish and played on the soccer team. After four years of playing soccer, I moved back to Mesa to be closer to my family and teach in the same district that I was able to go through! In my free time, I like to play soccer, go hiking with my dog, Jack, and bake yummy desserts!

Looking forward to another great year of teaching at Poston! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email me!


Course description/key concepts taught: (Girls  Wt. Training, Girls PE) They will learn the correct fundamentals of sport skills and learn the rules of various sports. Students will be grouped according to their ability level and participate in various sport units. They will develop lifetime sport/fitness skills and display positive sportsmanship. Some of the sports that your student may participate in are: volleyball, basketball, soccer, softball, hockey, wt. training, cardio activities, ultimate frisbee, football, and track and field. The students will learn the importance of healthy eating habits and  learn the value of lifetime fitness habits. The students will develop and learn the benefits of the five components of fitness: muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardio-respiratory endurance, flexibility and body fat composition.

Class participation/expectations: Students are to have their P.E. notebook, P.E. lock from school, proper tennis shoes, P.E. clothes different from what they wear to school and a plastic bag for the end of the week to take home dirty P.E. clothes to be washed. P.E. uniforms can be purchased for $8.00 for shirt and $8.00 for shorts. Students do not need to purchase P.E. clothes. They can bring clothes from home. P.E. locks need to be from Poston and not personal locks from home. If the student loses their lock, have them first check with their teacher. If the lock can not be found, your child will need to purchase another one from the bookstore. Locks are $3.75. Students will do exercises, participate in projects, take notes, participate in activities and run through-out a typical week. The pacer test will be done to measure cardiovascular improvement. Pacer test will be performed on Thursdays. Students will be graded on dress-out points, participation, running times, projects/research papers, quizzes and/or tests. If your child will need to be out of physcial activity for more than 3 days, please have a doctor's note excusing them. Please make sure the nurse has a copy as well.

Homework Policy: In P.E. there seldom is homework, unless the assignment that was given during class did not get finished. Classes may be asked to do a project or research paper for a particular unit/activity that is being taught. 

Grading Policy: Students’ grade for P.E. is based on P.E. points, research papers/projects, unit quizzes/ tests and pacer laps. Students have one week to make up any missed work. Tests/miles/pacers make-ups ca be scheduled with the teacher. If a student misses class for any reason, they lose their 10 points, because this is a participation class. However, there are articles students can get from the PE teachers to make up their points. Again, P.E. is different from all other courses because it is a participation class.The student will make arrangements with their teacher. Tests/Quizzes are worth 10% of their grade, weekly participation is worth 70% of their grade and miles/pacers are worth 20% of their grade. Parents/guardians are encouraged to check students progress and updated grades weekly on the student MPS PORTAL. 

What parents/guardians can do at home to support the learning process: Wash P.E. clothes weekly and make sure they are prepared for class by having their materials. Have the students’ bath regularly. Remind students  to pick up all their items and put them in their locker and have the locker locked. Encourage the students to participate in activity outside of school. Make sure the students are eating healthy, getting enough rest and are drinking plenty of water. We appreciate your support in helping your child become the best they can be!