Weight Roommy pictureMs. Laurie Woodcock

Email:Click Here: ljwoodcock@mpsaz.org 

Canvas Weight Training link: https://mpsaz.instructure.com/courses/180412

Canvas PE link: https://mpsaz.instructure.com/courses/180418/modules 

Phone: 480 472-2152

Courses: Girls Wt. Training and Girls P.E. 

Teacher Bio: Born in the Buffalo, New York area, I moved to Arizona with my family in the early seventies. Receiving a softball scholarship from ASU I completed my Physical Education Degree. My Masters in Education and Administration Leadership degrees were obtained from NAU. My experience has included teaching Elementary Physical Education for fifteen years and instructing girls and boys P.E. and Weight Training at Poston Jr. High. It is EXCITING to be back teaching in my "home" school! I was a Sub Cadre teacher in Mesa Public Schools and served as a long term sub for Poston Jr. High and Mesa High School. My experience has included coaching boys/girls basketball, softball and volleyball at the junior and high school levels. I have organized and developed sports camps at the elementary, junior and senior school levels. As a result of coaching softball and basketball, there are some Championship banners hanging in our Poston gymnasium. My experience as a weight lifter and a coach provided opportunities for me to train and develop work-out/exercise programs for students and adults of various ability/fitness levels. I am the happiest when I teach, coach or participate in any form of exercise or physical activity outdoors. I am looking forward to having the opportunity to make a positive impact on my students lives. I cherish developing positive, meaningful relationships with my students and families. It is my goal to instill lifetime fitness, exercise and healthy eating habits for your student. It is my hope that your student feels successful in my class and they develop/maintain positive self-esteem and self image.

Course description/key concepts taught: (Girls Wt. Training, and Girls P.E.) In Weight Training, the students will learn about the muscles and what lifts/exercises work specific muscle groups. The students will know how to lift and perform various exercises/activities using the correct form and techniques. The students will be grouped based on their bench press scores/ability levels. Students will document their workouts daily.

The PE students will learn about various individual and team sports. Students will perform exercises, stretches and participate in cardiovascular activities. Students will be grouped according to their ability level and participate in various sport units. They will develop lifetime sport/fitness skills and display positive sportsmanship. Some of the activities that your student may participate in are: volleyball, basketball, soccer, yoga, kickball, golf, pickleball, softball, hockey, cardio activities, ultimate frisbee, frisbee golf and football. The students will learn the importance of nutrition and healthy eating habits. Students will understand the importance and value of lifetime fitness habits. The students will develop and learn the benefits of the five components of fitness: muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiorespiratory endurance, flexibility and body fat composition.

Class participation/expectations

Materials needed for student success:  Students need a gray shirt, comfortable bottoms any color, closed toed tennis shoes and socks that stay on their feet. Please make sure they have deodorant, water bottle, P.E. spiral notebook, and a longer towel to do yoga activities. If your student has asthma, please make sure they have their inhaler with them. The students will participate in classroom and/or indoor/outdoor activities. Please donate any plastic grocery bags as students take home dirty P.E. clothes to be washed. P.E. uniforms can be purchased for $8.00 for shirt and $8.00 for shorts. If you would like to purchase both the shirt and shorts, please pay the Poston bookstore $16.00. Students do not need to purchase P.E. clothes from Poston. They can bring their clothes from home. P.E. locks are provided by the PE department. Students are not permitted to use personal locks from home. If the student loses their lock, have them first check with their teacher. If the lock can not be found, your student will need to purchase another lock. They would bring $3.75 to the bookstore. Students will perform exercises, stretches, run, participate in a sports activity/ task or do a weight training workout through-out a typical week. The pacer test will be done to measure cardiovascular improvement. If your child will need to be out of physical activity for more than 3 days, please have a doctor's note excusing them. Please make sure the nurse has a copy as well. Students will have the opportunity to do an alternative activity so they will not lose their dress-out/participation points. 

Homework Policy: Homework is not given in PE or Wt. Training

Grading Policy: Students’ grade for P.E. / Wt. Training is based on dressing out and participation points.  Students will earn 10 points per day. 5 points for dressing out and 5 points for participation. If a student misses class for any reason, they lose their 10 points, because this is a participation class. Students have one week to makeup any points that are missing. It is the students responsibility to approach their teacher for an assignment/task to make up their points. P.E. is different from many other courses because it is a participation class. Students will get a progress report weekly.

Parents/guardians are encouraged to check students progress and updated grades weekly on the student MPS PORTAL. 

What parents/guardians can do at home to support the learning process: Wash P.E. clothes weekly and make sure they are prepared for class by having their materials. Have the students bathe regularly. Remind students to pick up all their items and put them in their locker and have the locker locked. Encourage the students to participate in activity outside of school. Make sure the students are eating healthy, getting enough rest and are drinking plenty of water. Please make sure they have enough water so they can hydrate throughout the day.

Thank you so much for supporting your student in their success for my class! I am SUPER EXCITED about developing a positive relationship with them. I look forward to them succeeding and experiencing a positive experience in P.E. / Wt. Training class.