Mrs. Lynnette Good

Phone: 480-472-2149

A veteran Mesa teacher, she is currently a computer teacher.  Her experienced positions include media center specialist (librarian), English teacher, reading teacher, computer teacher, department chairperson, district 6-traits trainer, district test rater, district test author, career ladder member and mentor.

Grading Policy for CB 02

For the required 7th grade computer class, students have one week to rework, make corrections, resubmit assignments in Canvas--as many times as needed--to achieve success.  Quizzes and test will have multiple opportunities for students to demonstrate mastery and/or increase gains in scores.  All work is completed during class, during lunch, at home or at any computer which has internet access.  Typing performance is an independent practice to be completed at each student's pace by the end of the quarter.

100-90 = A

89-80 = B

79-70 = C

69-60 = D

59 and below = F

Homework Policy

There is no assigned homework; however, students may complete any missing work on any computer with internet access using the district page ( scrolling the area "Academic Resources" located at the bottom of the page, click on "Learning Dashboard" to access all websites utilized at Poston Junior High.  (See illustration below)

Academic Resources

Links to online learning resources.

Big Ideas  Canvas
Library  Learning Dashboard
vAcademy Xplore

Late Work Policy

As per District Policy, when our attendance office has excused an absence, the student will have 1 day for each day absent to complete missed work. If more time is needed please contact the teacher and accommodations will be made.

Re-Do & Re-Test Policies

Students will have an opportunity to complete missing assignments during lunch reteach.  Please contact your teacher to make arrangements.

Re-Do & Re-Test Policies

Students have one week to rework, make corrections, resubmit assignments in Canvas--as many times as needed--to achieve success. Quizzes may be retaken.  Major tests are given in class for a total of 3 viewings.


Class Assessments

Students will be assessed on a collection of evidence that includes many data points balancing both formative and summative assessments.

*Grades represent students' current level of proficiency based upon established standards. (District Policy)