Mike Scott

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This is my fourth year as the Poston Jr. High art teacher. My goal is to create a dynamic art class that is safe and friendly for all my students.

I've been teaching for 10 years. My teaching experience includes 5 years teaching K-8 computers, 1 year teaching high school art, and 1 year teaching pre-K English in South Korea. Before I was a teacher I was a graphic designer for 10 years in Phoenix, AZ.

Teaching Goals

Art is more than just drawing, painting, or sculpting. Art is the process that allows those things to happen. I understand that over 90% of my students will never become traditional artists. Knowing that I try to give them tools that 100% of them will be able to use to enhance their lives and possibly future careers. My main focus, beyond the art projects, is to get students comfortable with exploring all ideas within a single context, and being able to transfer those abstract ideas in their minds to tangible ideas on paper. Most careers, to be successful, require creativity, problem solving, clear communication, and the drive to finish what was started. These are the four skills I expose my students in hopes of adding to their future success.

Grading Policies

Students are graded on two aspects of their work; effort and creativity. The projects are split up into three different areas; participation work, pre-project work, and project work.


Participation Work: Work done by the students that do not relate to project work. Such work would include creative exercises, work done for a substitute, and participation in discussions.

Pre-Project Work: Work done by the students that relates directly project work. Such work would include exploring ideas for the project, exploring media techniques related to the project, and discussions related to the project.

Project Work: There are 3-5 projects per semester. A project is a single work of art that students spend two weeks on, which equates to about 6 hours of work on a single project.


Participation Work: 10%

Pre-Project Work: 40%

Project Work:50%

Re-Do and Retake

  • Missing work initially goes in at 50%.
  • Zeroes are never given.
  • Missing assignments are grades without penalty during the current quarter.
  • Any assignment from that quarter, with the exception of work done for a substitute, can be made back up during the quarter is was assigned in.
  • Missing assignments can not be turned in from the previous quarter, and will remain at 50%.


  • Homework is never assigned.
  • Students may need to take home work or come in after school to get an assignment in before the quarter is up to gain full points.