Dear Parents/Guardians,

We are looking forward to working with your child in our P.E. class. It is our goal to ensure success for your child. We would like to provide a positive experience and opportunities for your child to learn the basic fundamentals and skills of various sports and activities. It is also our hope that your child will enjoy being active and develop lifetime fitness habits. Please keep in mind, there are different ability levels and some students may or may not be doing what the other students are doing. The lessons, activities or assignments may be adapted to meet individuals’ needs. Your child is encouraged to show good sportsmanship, do their personal best and be respectful of another’s skill or lack of skill level. There is to be no inappropriate language, inappropriate behavior, or teasing/bullying.




GRADING POLICY:  Students P.E. progress may be checked on the MPS portal. Students will be graded on dressing out, participation, miles, pacer, tests and/or projects.


-In one week students can earn up to 50 points for dress out/participation, which is 10 points a day.


-5 points per day for dressing out


-5 points per day for student attitude, effort and participation in activity.


-P.E. is a participation class.  Therefore, if a student is absent they will be unable to earn their 10 points.


-We run the mile and pacer on Wednesdays to measure cardiorespiratory endurance.  




-Tests are worth 100 points and will be given at the completion of each unit.


-Projects may also be assigned and are worth 100-200 points.


-It is the students’ responsibility to make up missed assignments, tests, miles, pacers, projects or activity assessments. Students have one week to do make-up work; please make arrangements with your teacher ahead of time.




Excused absences/medical excuses: If your child can not participate in physical activity please have them turn a note with a parent signature into their teacher’s folder at the beginning of class. Your child will read an article and answer questions to receive their P.E. points for the day.  If your child needs to be out of physical activity for more than three days we will need a doctor’s note excusing them for this extended absence. Please make sure Poston’s nurse has a copy of any serious medical conditions or any doctor’s notes excusing your child from activity.
















Rules for Success


1.   Be on time and avoid being absent:  Students need to be in the locker room or assigned P.E. area/classroom before the tardy bell is finished ringing.


2.   Have materials:


a.   Deodorant


b.   P.E. shirt (P.E. SHIRT MUST BE WHITE T-SHIRT OR ANY POSTON T-SHIRT. NO TANK TOPS). Note: P.E. clothes need to be different than the clothes that are worn to school.


c.   Shorts (May be any color, they must be BASKETBALL LENGTH –NO CARGO SHORTS) Note: P.E. clothes need to be different than the clothes that are worn to school.  


-Your child can bring an appropriate shirt and shorts from home for P.E. or you may purchase a P.E. uniform from the Poston bookstore. P.E. shirt is $8.00, P.E. shorts are $8.00. The total is $16.00 for the set. Please pay the bookstore and have your child bring the receipt to their P.E. teacher.




f.    Plastic bag each week to take home clothes.  PE clothes should be washed at home every Friday.


g.   Water bottle


h.   Inhaler for asthma students


i.    Poston lock on assigned locker. No personal locks from home. It is your child’s responsibility to not share their combination. It is their responsibility to have their lock locked on their locker to prevent theft.


3.   Follow Locker Room/P.E. Classroom Rules:


a.   Follow the teacher’s directions.


b.   Be respectful of P.E. equipment and be courteous to others.


c.   No entry or exit from P.E. area without a teacher’s permission.


d.   Stay with your assigned P.E. teacher.


e.   No gum, food, or colored drinks in the P.E. locker room or teaching area.  


f.    No Sprays of any kind [Ex: perfumes, hair spray, and deodorant spray).


g.   No glass or mirrors are allowed in the locker room due to safety concerns.


4.   Please have your child eat a healthy breakfast and drink lots of water to stay hydrated.  They are burning large amounts of calories in P.E. so, we want them to have enough fuel to be successful and feel good in P.E. class.




If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Coach Purcell at 472-2153 or also, Coach Kulik at 472-2154 or




Thank you for your help and support in ensuring a great semester of P.E. for your child!