Ms. Toni Bettin

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Phone: 472-2165

Teacher Bio: This is my tenth year teaching students with learning disabilities. I previously taught high school and am currently in my fourth year at Poston. I have my Bachelor of Education with Learning Disabilities endorsement and a Master of Secondary Education. I am a Highly Qualified teacher in High School and Middle Grades Language Arts/Reading and English.

Course Description/key concepts taught:  This course is designed to meet the reading needs of students who struggle in reading.  Instruction will include phonemic Awareness and Phonics, Composition and Spelling, and Vocabulary and Morphology. We will read poetry and practice applying components of literary and informational text.  

Class participation/expectation:  Students are expected to be attentive and remain on task.  Each day begins with bellwork.  Students will be required to participate in class discussion, listen to concepts being taught, work in small groups, and complete daily classroom activities.

Homework Policy:  Daily work is given and expected to be completed in class.  Homework is only assigned for reinforcement or if student does not complete assigned task during class tme.  Tests will be given over key concepts and may require study time at home.  Students will have weekly vocabulary/spelling words. Students will have time in class to practice words. Tests are scheduled each Friday.

Grading Policy:   Grades are based upon bellwork, class activities, writing assignments, and test/quizzes.  Students may turn in late work and receive 75% credit for the assignment.   Make-up work should be requested by students. Grading Scale: 90-100%=A  80-89%=B  70-79%=C  60-69%= D