Ms.Tiffaney Gardner

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Phone:(480) 472-2151

Course: Physical Education 7th & 8th grade girls and boys


I am a native to Arizona.  I was a student at Poston Junior High many years ago.  I started teaching at Poston in 1999, after getting a bachelor of Arts in Education degree and a master's degree in Multicultural / Bilingual Education. I love to travel especially to the beach.  I also love to hang out with my family and friends.  

Course Description / Key Concepts Taught:

P.E. 7th and 8th grade students will learn a variety of sports, run the mile and pacer for cardiovascular fitness, and take performance / written tests to assess their knowledge.  Students will learn teamwork, listening skills, eye hand coordination, and good sportsmanship.

Class Participation / Expectations:

Students are expected to dress out in a gray shirt, comfortable bottoms any color, closed toed tennis shoes, and participate every day.  They will learn a variety of sports and run the mile / pacer. Students will learn the basic rules and key concepts on each sport we cover. 

Materials Needed: Gray shirt, comfortable bottoms, socks, close toed tennis shoes that stay on your feet, water bottle, notebook, towel, deodorant, inhaler if needed.  Please donate any plastic grocery bags as students take home their dirty P.E. clothes each week.

*If you would like to buy a Poston P.E. uniform the shirts are $8 and the shorts are $8, pay for them in the bookstore and bring the receipt to your P.E. teacher.

Homework Policy:  Homework is not usually given in P.E.

Grading Policy:

Students receive 10 points a day in P.E. class. Five points for dressing out correctly and five points for participation.

If a student misses a class for any reason they lose their 10 points for the day.  However, they have one week to do an assignment / task to make up the missing points with their teacher.

How Categories are Weighted:  Dress out and Participation = 100%

What Parents / Guardians Can Do at Home to Support the Learning Process:

Make sure students have their P.E. clothes, socks, and shoes for class on Monday and that they take them home to be washed on Fridays.  Encourage students to be active whenever possible inside and outside of school.  Have them eat a healthy breakfast and other meals.  Have them bring a water bottle and drink water throughout the day. Keeping hydrated is very important for the success of our students. Also, have them get plenty of rest.  Help your students to remember to lock up their materials in their locker so things don't get taken.

If your child is sick or hurt please write them a note to excuse them from class.  If it is longer than 3 days, I will need a dr. note excusing them from P.E.

Thank you for all of your help to make this a positive and exciting school year.