Ms.Tiffaney Gardner

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Phone:(480) 472-2152

Course: Physical Education 7th & 8th grade girls and boys


I have a bachelor's degree in Physical Education and a master's degree in Multicultural / Bilingual Education. 

Course Description / Key Concepts Taught:

P.E. 7th and 8th grade students will learn a variety of sports, run the mile and pacer for cardiovascular fitness, and take tests to assess their knowledge on each unit.

Class Participation / Expectations:

Students are expected to dress out and participate every day.  They will learn a variety of sports and run the mile / pacer. Students will do a study guide about the rules and key concepts on each unit and take a written test over the material.

Students who are absent for the mile / pacer or a test will have one week from the date it was missed to make it up.

Homework Policy:  Homework is not usually given in P.E.

Grading Policy:

Missed Work: Students may come in before or after school to make up missed work.  However, they need to check with their teacher to make sure she does not have meetings, or is coaching after school when planning to make up work.

Students with excused absences may do extra credit written work to make up the points they lost from being gone from class.

How Categories are Weighted:  Dress out and Participation = 70%  Miles and Pacers = 20% and Tests =10% grades

What Parents / Guardians Can Do at Home to Support the Learning Process:

Make sure students have their P.E. clothes, socks, and shoes for class on Monday and that they take them home to be washed on Friday.  Encourage students to be active whenever possible inside and outside of school.  Have them eat a healthy breakfast and other meals.  Have them drink water throughout the day, keeping hydrated is very important for the success of our students. Also, have them get plenty of rest.  Help your students to remember to lock up their materials in their locker so things don't get taken.