Register for the 2014-15 school year
First Things First enrollment begins Tuesday, June 3, call 472-7250 for an appointment.

Registration for all programs is by appointment only.  Call 472-7250 to schedule.

Pre-K scholarships are awarded to school districts and private providers annually.  This year, the award comes with both a reduction in the number of scholarships available and a reduction in the income level below which families must quality.

The total number of scholarships has been reduced by 36%, reducing the pre-k options by 4 sessions.  The income level dropped from 300% of poverty to 200% of poverty.  Last year a family of four needed to make less than $61,950. per year, this year, a family of 4 must make less than $47,700 to qualify.  If you would like more information about how these decisions were made, you may contact the SE Regional Council at:


Cynthia Melde Regional Director, Southeast Maricopa     (602) 771-4985

Wendy Sabatini  Sr. Director, Maricopa Region

(602) 771-4982

John Taylor     Parent Awareness and Community Outreach Coordinator     

Quality First

By email at or By phone:  (602) 771-5000 


Mesa Public Schools and Maricopa County offer free and tuition-based preschools for 3, 4- and 5-year-olds. Special Education and Early Head Start programs offer additional resources for infants and toddlers.

Convenient sites are located throughout the school district. Admission guidelines, registration information and program details are available online and on the phone. We are eager to hear from you and to work with your child on school-readiness skills.

Contact Mesa Public Schools to discuss the best placement for your preschooler. Call 480-472-7250.

Mesa Public Schools offers a variety of preschool options to meet your child’s needs including:

  • Pre-K tuition-based program
  • Pre-K Plus - preschool and before and after school childcare at Jordan and Red Mountain Ranch Elementary only
  • First Things First Pre-K grant-funded program
  • MELP - Mesa Early Learning Preschool grant-funded program
  • High School based Child Development Centers in collaboration with the Career & Technical Education department - preschool and before and after school childcare at Dobson, Red Mountain High, and Skyline
  • PEER placement in special education classrooms designed for general education students

For information please call 480-472-7250.


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