MPS New Teacher Induction

Professional Learning Specialists support new teachers primarily through the coaching cycle. This provides teachers with job-embedded, relevant learning experiences that target their immediate needs. Additionally, Specialists may support through planning sessions, video, resources, modeling or co-teaching, focused peer observations, and deep dives into the Danielson Framework for Teaching.

Teachers in their first three years of teaching are considered Probationary and are expected to participate in professional learning. 


New Teacher Phases

New teacher phases are a real thing! Check out what research tells us about the phases and how it can help give new teachers hope!


First and Second-year teachers will participate in a Micro-credential program that recognizes and honors the professional learning evident in their classrooms. 

Planning and Reflecting on Instruction

Third-year teachers are given a unique opportunity to visit other classrooms and capitalize on the knowledge and skills they gained during those first two years.