Make-up Sessions Available

  • The make-up session must be completed through a subsequent course and does not necessarily need to be taught by the same instructor. It is not the original instructor’s responsibility to provide the make-up session.
  • The participant must complete the Course Make-up Session Form;
    • complete the Course Make-Up Session Form
    • verify with Professional Learning about class time and date for the make-up sessions;
    • acquire signatures from both the original and make-up instructor;
    • return the completed form to the Professional Learning Department.
  • The make-up session must be completed within one calendar year of the final session of the course in which the participant is enrolled in order to receive salary credit and recertification hours Document of Completion. If the course is not offered again within the calendar year, an extension is available.
  • Participants who do not complete the make-up session within the designated time are not eligible for a refund.
  • Appeal is available for extenuating circumstances affecting the attendance guidelines.
Make-up Slip

You receive a make-up slip from the instructor. If you do not receive the make-up slip, please contact the instructor and have it sent to you. You will need this slip in order to complete the make-up session. 

Attendance Policy

Participants are expected to attend every class session.

Attendance guidelines for receiving credit:

  • Must attend all sessions.
  • If you have a missed session or hours, you will be required to make the time up.