Credit Options

All courses completed, regardless of credit choice, may be credited toward the required hours for certificate renewal. Refer to the current year MPS Employees’ Handbook for salary credit specifics.


  • Stipend:  Available to certificated contract teachers and counselors for specified courses only; miscellaneous designated fees may be required. Stipends will only be issued once for the same course and are not available during the work day.
  • Compensation Plan Credit:  Tuition is $25 per half credit (8 hours) and miscellaneous fees if required. If the fee is not received by the time the class is processed, the credit option will be changed to Stipend or Recertification Hours (which ever is applicable).
     District approved professional development coursework will compensated at a per-credit-hour rate approved by the Governing Board for the Annual Placement Guidelines, unless the employee was paid a stipend or otherwise compensated for attending the course. One (1.0) hour of credit will be granted for each 16 hours of classroom hours, and one-half (0.5) hour of credit will be granted for each eight hours of classroom hours.
  • Induction:  No tuition or miscellaneous fees are required.
  • Recertification Hours Only:  Some district courses/sessions do not provide a stipend or salary credit. When registering, this option can be checked when others don't apply.