Instructor Information

Instructor Salary

  • Instructors of approved in-service courses and activities will be compensated based on the MPS/Mesa Education Association negotiated agreement.
  • Preparation time is included at 1/2 hour for every hour of direct instruction. For example, if the instructor rate is $20 per hour and the curriculum rate is $14 per hour, you would receive $27 per hour with a total of $216 for an eight hour course.
  • If a consultant is the instructor, then an MPS employee will be shown as coordinator

Course Location

Instructors are responsible for reserving the location/room (Room Reservations) and for completing a Permit for Use of School Facilities if appropriate. If there are any changes in the location, please notify the Professional Learning Department immediately at 472-0385. For classes scheduled on Saturday, please contact 472-0385 for further information.

Support from Professional Learning

  • provide instructors access to information about their offered courses
  • registration system