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Amazing Offer For New Candidates!

Now is the perfect time to start your NBCT journey. The AZ-K12 Center for Professional Development is offering to pay for all 4 components plus the cost of coaching for all new candidates who start the NBCT process this year. Candidates will need to sign up for a pre-candidacy class and institute class through AZ K-12 to qualify. Click here to sign up.

AZ K-12 Center Pre-candidacy Class Registration 

Were you unable to attend our district informational meeting? Access the presentation below.

Board Certification in Mesa

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Board Certification in MPS

Mesa Public Schools is committed to supporting you in the process of becoming Board Certified by offering pre-candidacy classes, monthly coaching meetings with a district NBCT, along with financial support. When you become Board Certified, the district gives a generous stipend plus adds to your yearly salary while you are Board Certified. To find out more about how we can help you get started or to have questions answered, contact Lauren Cluff (

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