Conflict of Interest

If you are a current employee or substitute teacher for Mesa Public Schools and wish do to business with the District please click here for instructions related to becoming a vendor.

Staff that may have a conflict of interest must submit a Notice of Conflict of Interest form to Purchasing per Governing Board Policy GBCA.

ATTENTION: If you have a potential conflict, you must not be involved in the purchasing/oversight process.  You may not enter requisitions, approve the requisition, supervise the work being performed, or approve payment for the respective product or service. Please contact Purchasing if you have any questions.

Vendor Gifts and Gratuities

Mesa Public School Employees may find themselves in a position where they are offered gifts and/or gratuities from a person or company that conducts or would like to conduct business with the greater school community.  State law and MPS governing board policy prohibit employees from accepting anything of economic value that may appear to be designed to influence the employee's official conduct.  Given the nebulous guidance provided in Arizona Revised Statute and MPS policy, the district felt it necessary to draft a guidance document to assist our employees to make informed decisions about appropriate relationships that they have with current and potential vendors.  Click here to access this guidance document.


For additional detailed information regarding conflicts of interest or vendor gifts/gratuities and the MPS Policies, please visit the MPS Legal Services site at: