April 2010 Newsletter


Purchasing Offices

MPS Purchasing
549 N. Stapley Dr  Bldg 1
Mesa, AZ 85203
Buyer Teams 2, 5, & 8

MPS Purchasing
Construction & Operations
555 S. Lewis
Mesa, AZ 85210
Buyer Teams 1, 7 & 11

MPS Purchasing
MDC and Food & Nutrition
143 S. Alma School Rd
Mesa, AZ 85210   
Buyer Teams 3 & 6

Year End Purchase Order Closing

Congratulations you're winding down on yet another successful year. The Purchasing Department would like to help you close out the Purchase Orders you still have that are in "open" status.

First run an "Open PO Report".  This report will show all the PO's that have not been closed through Accounts Payable and Student Activities.

(This link will take you to Financial Services website with instructions on how to run the report: http://www.mpsaz.org/finance/training/files/instruction_open-partial_po_rpt.pdf )

1) Review the report.
2) Line Item PO's - Verify that all items have been received on the PO.
3) Send signed packing slips/receipts to MDC and invoice copies to Accounts Payable/Student Activities.
4) If all items have been received and the last invoice has been paid, send an email to the Buying Team requesting the PO be closed.
5) Blanket PO's - Verify with requestor that no more charges will be applied to the purchase order and that all receipts have been sent to Accounts Payable/Student Activities.
6) If all items have been received and the last invoice has been paid, send an email to the Buying Team requesting the PO be reduced and closed.

The most important part of this is verifying that there are no more invoices to pay before requesting the Purchase Order be closed.

LVPO - Once the LVPO Log is complete please remember to send it to Teresa Martin in Audit Services.

We appreciate your help in this process as we close out another year! We all hope you have a great summer vacation!

MPS Purchasing Department





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