Sample Written Determination

Below are links to the documents that our purchasing teams have created to make our purchases as effective, cost-efficient and compliant as possible.  These documents are merely presented here as best practice recommendations and as a resource to school district buyers. Questions regarding any of these samples may be directed to the Director of Purchasing.

Acceptable/Unacceptable Offers

Brand Name

Brand Name or Equal

Cancellation of Solicitation After Receipt of Proposal

Cancellation of Solicitation Before Receipt of Proposals

Cancellation of Solicitation When No Bids Are Received

Issuing a Solicitation for Less than 14 Days

Minor Informality (Waiving)

Misc. Purchases Not Subject to Procurement Rules

Multiple Award

One Bid Received

One Proposal Received

On-Line Sales

Sole Source Determination

Thank you to Claudia Leon
Tempe Elementary

Trade-In of Equipment

Electronic Submissions