Visual Art

 Colorful Meaning 1


The mission of the Creative Arts Resource Center is to actively involve teachers and students in the creative process and increase their understanding and appreciation of the arts in their own culture and the culture of others. With the belief that arts experiences are basic to the human spirit, and that the arts should be offered to all students as an essential part of their education, learning processes which encourage problem-solving and imaginative thinking is emphasized. The idea is to expand the personality of students and to develop their emotional attitudes and receptivity to living a life of fulfillment that will remain with them long after their formal education is completed.

"My students demonstrate the vitality that is present in our community. Each day I witness young minds expressing what is relevant and significant in their lives. The craving these young artists demonstrate to express themselves is immense and given the opportunity, they explode with introspection and thoughtful meaning. In our community there is an underlying desire for self expression and tapping into this resource produces purposeful citizens."

Scott Krenytzky teaches Visual Art at Redbird on Friday's. Visit his website for more information on his policies, student art and related links.