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Welcome to Special Education

The philosophy of the Special Education Department at Redbird is to provide the environment, necessary tools and opportunities for each student to achieve success. Our programs include a part-time School Psychologist, Speech-Language Pathologist, two Specific Learning Disabilities Resource classes and two self-contained programs for students who are more academically challenged. The Redbird programs have always been founded on the premise that no child will ever be left behind.

Federal and state law requires school districts, charter schools and other public education agencies (hereafter referred to as the “school”) to provide a free, appropriate public education to eligible children with disabilities.


This free, appropriate public education refers to special education and related services, described in an Individualized Education Program and provided to the child in the least restrictive environment.


Children with disabilities from age 3 to age 22, and their parents, are guaranteed certain educational rights, known as procedural safeguards. Any student who is being provided special education services at the time the student reaches age 22 will continue to receive special education services from the school district until the end of the school year. The law and its implementing regulations also provide methods to help you assure that your input is considered.

If you want a copy of the procedural safeguards, please call the district’s Special Education Department. Phone (480) 472-0719


If your child is having difficulty in school, please check with the teacher to determine what interventions have been tried to help your child succeed. 


If the interventions are unsuccessful, a referral for special education evaluation may be necessary. Please contact the school administrator, school psychologist or area director if you wish to discuss your concerns or the referral process. 


If special education disabilities are suspected, we are required to evaluate your child to identify and document whether your child has any disabilities that affect his or her learning and, if so, to determine what special education and related services are required.


The evaluation will begin by reviewing existing data to determine if additional assessments are needed. If the team (including you) determines it is necessary to gather additional data, the assessments will be completed within 60 calendar days of your written consent. This evaluation will be conducted according to federal and state requirements and will include information you provide.


The team will review and discuss all the information regarding the child, and the results of any assessments that were conducted, to determine if the child is eligible for special education services. If your child is found to be eligible, you will be a member of the team that will develop an Individual Education Program (IEP) and identify the special education and related services and any other supports your child needs. You may ask others to be present at the IEP meeting, if you wish.

Mrs. Kary: 472-1263
Ms. Arnold 472-1209