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Speech-Language Impairment Program

The primary mission of the Mesa Public Schools Speech-Language Impairment Program is to provide appropriate speech and language assessment and programming for all students with speech and language disabilities and to promote effective communication skills that are integral for a student's successful participation in the general education curriculum and activities.

The Speech and Language Impairment (SLI) program
is staffed by state licensed and certified speech-language pathologists (SLPs). SLPs are professionally trained to consult, screen, assess and provide intervention for persons with, or who are at risk for, communication disabilities in the areas of articulation, fluency, voice, and language. SLPs provide a variety of services for students with identified speech and/or language disabilities, but they may also consult with classroom teachers and others on ways to improve the language skills and communication behaviors of children who haven't been identified as eligible for special education or related services.

Within the SLI program, language is recognized as the foundation for learning within academic subjects and a primary program goal is to maximize a student's communication skills to support learning. A student's strengths and needs in the communication abilities necessary for school achievement are identified through appropriate assessment within the special education referral process. Remediation of a student's communication impairment (the disorder of articulation, fluency, voice and/or language as identified in the educational environment) is provided through an appropriate intervention program. Such intervention is intended to reduce the impact of the disability associated with the communication impairment (the functional consequences and adverse effects of the identified communication difficulties upon his/her ability to function in the educational setting). Students in the SLI program are served in a variety of service delivery models, including service within the SLI classroom and collaborative/consultative service within regular and special education programs.

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