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A to Z Teacher Stuff - A to Z Teacher Stuff is a teacher-created site designed to help teachers find online resources more quickly and easily. Find lesson plans, thematic units, teacher tips, discussion forums for teachers, downloadable teaching materials & eBooks, printable worksheets and black lines, emergent reader books, themes, and more.


A+ Math - This is a helpful site for elementary and middle school students working on their basic. Flash cards are generated quickly and are provided for many topics.


ABC Teach - abcteach provides tools to help teachers create the documents they need for their classrooms when they can't find exactly what they are looking for elsewhere. We currently have tools for creating ABC sorts, handwriting worksheets, crossword puzzles, shape books, spelling lists, circle & spell lists, word walls, word unscrambles, word searches, math worksheets, word shapes, sudoku, desk tags, and bingo. You can try all of our tools for free!


Academic Decathlon - In this high school class and competition group, teams compete at the local, regional, state and national level in 10 academic areas.


Academic Skills - Curriculum overviews explain what every student should know and be able to do in kindergarten through sixth grade.


Adult Basic Education - Free ABE classes are offered through Community Education to individuals age 16 and over whose reading proficiency is generally at a sixth-grade level or lower. For information, call (480) 472-7259.



American Library Association's Great Web Sites for Kids - One of the best resources for kid friendly websites and helpful information.


Arizona Association for the Gifted & Talented - Membership based association with a mission to meet the needs of Arizona's gifted children.


Arizona Department of Education (ADE) - ADE, the Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction and the State Board of Education regulate and oversee school districts. This website addresses several hot topics involving education such as AIMS information. There are several links with information about the top Arizona schools, report cards, finding a school, charter schools and county agencies.


Arizona Parent Teacher Organization (PTA) - The PTA Vision is "Making every child's potential a reality."


Art Program - The Creative and Performing Arts Department includes visual arts, music, dance and theater.


Ask Jeeves For Kids - Jeeves uses a unique search tool that allows kids to ask questions on almost any subject while providing fast, easy, and safe ways to find answers.


Assistive Technology - the Assistive Technology Department is available to provide individual consultation for students receiving special education services.  This might include observation in the student’s typical environment(s), consultations with other service providers, making specific recommendations for assistive technology supports, arranging access, development of customized AT interventions, and training students, staff, and parents.


Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) - The AAFA organization offers educational tools for patients, caregivers and health professionals. 

Many of their programs, materials and tools are validated by leading health authorities and recognized nationally as important strategies in the management of asthma and allergies. Some of the materials are bilingual.


AVID - Advancement Via Individual Determination is a secondary school program that helps underserved students prepare for college.


AZ READS - AZ READS is a comprehensive plan aimed at improving reading achievement in Arizona. It challenges Arizonans to participate in a statewide collaborative effort to make this vision a reality: That every Arizona child will learn to read proficiently by third grade and remain a proficient reader through the twelfth grade.

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Bullying Prevention Resources - “A student is being bullied when he or she is exposed, repeatedly and over time, to negative actions on the part of one or more other students” (Olweus, 1993). Bullying behavior is meant to hurt another person and is carried out by someone who is seeking power or control over another person. There are three forms of bullying – physical, emotional, and social. Various resources are available for students, parents, school staff, administrators, and community members to assist in bullying prevention.

The law requiring schools to have policies on bullying, harassment and intimidation ARS 15-341 (A) 40  

Information for Parents: What Parents Can Do About Childhood Bullying, Helping Parents of Bullied Students 


Information for Students and Parents:, Dealing with Bullies

Information for the Internet: The Latest on Cyberbullying,and Anti-Defamation League – Cyberbullying Curriculum 


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Career Planning System - This is used by the Guidance and Counseling Department and the Career and Technical Education Department to help students develop educational and career plans for personal success.


Career Services - Scholarship resources, a Web-based job bulletin board, the Choices program, interview tips and career development workshops are provided for students.


City of Mesa Library - By providing access and guidance to information, services, and resources, the City of Mesa Libraries expand minds, empower individuals, and enrich our diverse community.

The City of Mesa Library offers free homework help via the Internet, funded by Indian gaming. Students need a city library card for:

·     one-on-one tutoring

·     from 2 p.m. to midnight

·     seven days a week

·     from any computer at home or at the public library



Curriculum - Curriculum is developed from kindergarten through high school for consistency from one grade level to another and from school to school. District curriculum reflects each content area's Strategic Curriculum Review process and aligns with Arizona Academic Standards. Curriculum is usually revised by teachers and content specialists and reviewed by a parent advisory panel every seven years. 


Cyberbullying - A cyberbully is a person who uses technology to harass or intimidate others. This may occur through sending cruel or threatening e-mails, instant messages and text messages. It may include spreading rumors and lies in chat rooms, blogs and Web sites. A cyberbully may also encourage others to gang up on an individual.


Cyberkids -The Cyberkids Launch pad provides interesting spots on the Web to explore. Immerse yourself in art, computers, music, science, nature, museums, entertainment, and all kinds of other activities. 

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D - This website offers a full blown dictionary, thesaurus, flashcards, quotes, encyclopedia and translator.


Disability Resources - Disability Resources, inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization established to promote and improve awareness, availability and accessibility of information that can help people with disabilities live, learn, love, work and play independently.
We serve thousands of individuals with disabilities through a multidisciplinary network of service providers and consumers. In order to reach as many people with disabilities as cost effectively as possible, we target our services and publications to libraries, disability organizations, independent living centers, rehabilitation facilities, educational institutions, and health and social service providers.
We disseminate information about books, pamphlets, magazines, newsletters, videos, databases, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, telephone hot-lines and on-line services that provide free, inexpensive or hard-to-find information to help people with disabilities live independently.


Distance Learning - The online curriculum is hosted by state-certified MPS teachers. The program serves students in kindergarten through high school. Students may earn a diploma though this individual learning and independent study program.


District Information and Guidelines - This document provides information for parents about district programs, policies and behavior guidelines. Parents receive a copy each year. It is also available online.

District Tests - District tests are developed by MPS staff to measure student learning in individual courses at the end of the semester and the end of the year. For information on standardized testing, see Tests.


Donating Items to Schools - Students benefit from the generosity of community members who contribute items that range from boxes of tissues to play costumes, and school supplies to musical instruments. To donate musical instruments, costumes and art supplies, call (480) 308-7350. For all other items, contact Community Relations at (480) 472-0223 or by e-mail


Donating Money to Schools - MPS appreciates donations to the district, individual schools and programs. One method of giving is the Extracurricular Activity (ECA) program. Parents, grandparents and caring community members make contributions and earn a dollar-for-dollar tax credits on their Arizona state income tax. Other financial donations can be made through the Financial Services Department. Call (480) 472-0112. The Mesa Foundation for Educational Excellence accepts financial support for programs that promote student achievement and well-being.


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East Valley Academy (EVA) - EVA is a district high school adjacent to the East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT). Students generally spend half the day at EVA taking general education requirements and half the day at EVIT taking specialized course work.


ED-TV channel 99 - Educational Television broadcasts on Cox Cable and features MPS programming, such as Sports Talk, Happenings, Counselor's Corner and Governing Board meetings. Watch Ed-TV 99 on demand.


Education of Homeless Children & Youth - To ensure that homeless children and youth have access to a free and equal public education comparable to other Arizona children.


Education Place - This site has all kinds of mind games. One is an online version of MAD LIBS. In Wacky Web Tales, the user is asked to produce words to create a funny story.


Educational and Career Action Plans - As required by the state, effective with the Class of 2013, all students will have an ECAP. These plans allow students to enter and update information in a variety of areas, including academic goals, career goals, post-secondary education goals and extracurricular goals. MPS offers an Internet-based plan called Kuder. 


Elementary Curriculum - K-6 information features what every student should know and be able to do.



English Language Acquisition for Adults (ELAA) - ELAA classes are free for individuals who wish to improve their basic language proficiency. Call (480) 472-7259.


Exceptional Student Services (ESS) - Exceptional Student Services (ESS) is accountable for ensuring that all special education programs, regulations, and procedures are in compliance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and eligible children and youth with disabilities are receiving a free appropriate public education (FAPE). ESS provides exceptional customer service and technical assistance while enforcing the state and federal special education mandates to promote continuous improvement throughout the state.


Extended Learning Program (ELP) - ELP serves intellectually and academically gifted students in third grade through junior high. Mesa Supporters of the Gifted and Talented offer resources and special events for parents. Call Kris Mason at (480) 832-6450 for information on MSGT. Or log on to the Arizona Association for Gifted and Talented, and click "Local Chapters." 

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Fact Monster for Information Please - This is a great site for kids needing help with a report or project. You can search this site by keyword or by subject category.


Family Education Network - Welcome to Family Education Network, the best of the Internets content, resources, and shopping for parents, teachers, and kids. Launched in September, 2000, the company's mission is to be an online consumer network of the world's best learning and information resources, personalized to help parents, teachers, and students of all ages take control of their learning and make it part of their everyday lives.


Family Education Rights and Privacy Act - FERPA is the federal law that governs privacy rights for student records. Parents generally have these rights until a student's 18th birthday, when the rights transfer to the student.


Federal Resources for Educational Excellence - A free site for teaching and learning resources from Federal Agencies. The areas are arts & music, health & physical education, history & social studies, language arts, math and science.


First Things First - First Things First was established to help provide greater opportunities for all children five and under in Arizona to grow up ready to succeed. Through the passionate, dedicated work of the Board, staff, volunteer Regional Partnership Council members, our state agency partners, involved community providers and early childhood champions, more and greater opportunities to achieve success will be made available for each Arizona child in the coming years.


Free Dictionary - The world's most comprehensive language dictionary,  Medical, Legal, and Financial Dictionaries, Thesaurus, Acronyms and Abbreviations, Idioms, Encyclopedia, a Literature Reference Library, and a Search Engine all in one!

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General Educational Development (GED) - GED tests may be taken to earn a high school equivalency certificate. The district's Community Education department offers classes to help individuals prepare for the GED. 


Geography 4 Kids - Thanks for visiting! Right now you're on GEOGRAPHY4KIDS.COM. If you are looking for physical geography or earth science basics, stay on this site. It's not just for geography for kids, it's for everyone. This site has an introduction to the earth sciences that includes topics on the Earth's structure, atmosphere, hydrosphere, and


Gifted and Talented - The Extended Learning Program serves intellectually and academically gifted students in third grade through junior high. Mesa Supporters of the Gifted and Talented (MSGT) offer resources and special events for parents. Call Kris Mason at (480) 832-6450 for more information on MSGT. Or logon to the Arizona Association for Gifted and Talented, and click on Local Chapters.



Graduation Requirements - Students must pass Arizona's Instrument to Measure Standards to graduate from high school. In addition, students must earn at least 21 credits if they graduate before July 31, 2011, and 22 credits after that date.  


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Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) - The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) is a law ensuring services to children with disabilities throughout the nation. IDEA governs how states and public agencies provide early intervention, special education and related services to more than 6.5 million eligible infants, toddlers, children and youth with disabilities.
Infants and toddlers with disabilities (birth-2) and their families receive early intervention services under IDEA Part C. Children and youth (ages 3-21) receive special education and related services under IDEA Part B.


International Baccalaureate Program me - IB offers a demanding college-prep curriculum to students around the world. MPS is the first district in Arizona to offer a comprehensive K-12 IB program me at Westwood High School, the Mesa Academy for Advanced Studies, Summit Academy  and Hendrix Junior High.  


International Reading Association Since 1956, IRA has been a nonprofit, global network of individuals and institutions committed to worldwide literacy.  More than 85,000 members strong, the Association supports literacy professionals through a wide range of resources, advocacy efforts, volunteerism, and professional development activities.  Our members promote high levels of literacy for all by:
- Improving the quality of reading instruction
- Disseminating research and information about reading
- Encouraging the lifetime reading habit


Internet 4 Classrooms - Internet 4 Classrooms ("i4c"), is a free web portal designed to assist anyone who wants to find high-quality, free Internet resources to use in classroom instruction, developing project ideas, reinforcing specific subject matter areas both in the class and at home and even for online technology tutorials. The portal is used by teachers, parents and students of all ages on six of the seven continents (there are not many classrooms in Antarctica) and is available to anyone with an Internet connection. We do not charge a subscription fee.


Internet Resources for Special Children (IRSC) - The IRSC Web Site is an attempt to bring together valuable information for parents, educators, medical professionals, etc. who interact with children who have disABILITIES. I hope that you find the information and resources here to be useful, but I would recommend verifying them first.


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Jump Rope for Heart - Heart disease is our nation's No. 1 killer, putting our children at risk. Jump Rope for Heart is a way to encourage students to take care of their hearts through physical activity while making a difference in the lives of others. 

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K-6 Academic Skills - See what every student should know and be able to do.


Kaboose -  Activities for children. Many resources for parenting, health, food, crafts, just for mom, holidays, community and games.


Kids - Links to federal kid's sites along with some of the best kid's sites from other organizations all grouped by subject. Explore, learn and have fun. 


Kids Corner - The Community Education Department offers before- and after-school care for students in kindergarten through sixth-grade at some elementary schools for a fee.


Kids Discovery - Educational fun and games.


Kids Gardening - We use gardening as a vehicle for encouraging children to make good food choices, augmenting classroom studies with experiential learning, building a love of nature, stimulating social interaction, facilitating cultural exchange, and more. Click here to view data from 2009 that quantifies the benefits of school and youth gardens.


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LD (Learning Disabilities) Online - Learning Disabilities (LD) Online is a website on learning disabilities and ADHD- Social competence and emotional well-being are issues for some adults and children with learning disabilities. Being liked, feeling accepted, and having self-confidence are all related to an individual’s social skills. Included in this section are the “dos and don'ts” for fostering social competence, the teacher’s role in developing social skills, and many helpful articles on behavior modification, anger management, disciplining students with disabilities, and the emotional issues experienced by some individuals with LD. - Membership gives parents and teachers a treasure chest of online learning resources. Access hundreds of learning activities with no banner ads.


Library of Congress - The Library of Congress is the nation's oldest federal cultural institution and serves as the research arm of Congress. It is also the largest library in the world, with millions of books, recordings, photographs, maps and manuscripts in its collections.

The Library's mission is to make its resources available and useful to the Congress and the American people and to sustain and preserve a universal collection of knowledge and creativity for future generations. The Office of the Librarian is tasked to set policy and to direct and support programs and activities to accomplish the Library's mission.


Library Resource Centers - The Library Resource Centers support the students and faculty of Mesa Public Schools by providing access to materials and information which develop imaginations, guide investigations, and generate ideas. We select, acquire, and organize resources that best serve our school communities as well as provide the tools to enrich and enhance each student's achievement as a 21st century learner.


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Math Magician Games - Practice your math facts in a fun way.  Includes math practice for math magic, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


Maths Dictionary for Kids - A Maths Dictionary for Kids is an animated, interactive online math dictionary for students which explains over 600 common mathematical terms and math words in simple language.


Math Toolkit - A great resource for math activities. A ton of downloadable activities.


Mesa Distance Learning Program - The online curriculum is hosted by state-certified MPS teachers. The program serves students in kindergarten through high school. Students may earn a diploma though this individual learning and independent study program. Distance learning is a form of education that focuses on independent study and individualized instruction for students. Distance learning students are not in a physical classroom; rather they attend school using such means as the Internet, correspondence, television, or by some other avenue. MDLP is a computer-based online learning program. Students submit course work and communicate with teachers online.


Mesa Foundation for Educational Excellence - Mesa Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit community organization. Tax-deductible donations and the proceeds of fund-raising efforts are used to promote student achievement and well-being in MPS.


Mesa Parent Advocates for Quality Schools - MPAQS is a group of parent leaders that as advisors to the superintendent. Quarterly meetings are open to all parents and residents. Meetings focus on information about district and state educational issues.


Mesa Public Schools' Community Education - The Mesa Public Schools (MPS) Community Education Department offers many different programs throughout the academic year.
These programs are:  Kids Corner, Pre-Kindergarten, Junior High School A-Hour, Senior High School Correspondence, and Adult Special Interest classes.  For more specific information, simply access the appropriate program listed to the left.

In the fall of 2010, Enrichment Activities will be offered to elementary age students and After-school Sports Activities will be offered to junior high age students. Several early childhood program opportunities are also available. Click on the tabs for more information.


Mesa Public Schools Special Education - The primary mission of the Mesa Public Schools Department of Special Education is to provide appropriate special education programming for all students with educational disabilities and to promote programming that will accomplish the successful transition of disabled students from school to post-school activities, including post-secondary education, independent living, and community participation.


Mesa Public Schools' Online Library Resource Center - The center provides information on books & authors, databases, libguides, libraries and textbooks and a multitude of resources.


Mesa Service Learning - The purpose of MPS Service Learning is to encourage, support, and recognize service learning in all Mesa schools. Our mission is to engage all teachers and their students in meaningful community service experiences that teach and reinforce the curriculum.


Merriam-Webster Dictionary - The website provides a dictionary, thesaurus, and Spanish-English and medical dictionaries.  (With an ESL and kids section!)


MPS Educational Technology Resources - A web portal where you can quickly access websites that reinforce best practices in education and support standards.


Music Program - Music is a division of the Creative and Performing Arts Department. The focus of music programs, such as band, choral music, general music, harp and orchestra, is to develop comprehensive musicianship.


Music Resources - Thank you for visiting our site. We are excited to share these educational and creative resources, making your job easy and fun to teach children to help enhance their development in all domains: physically, emotionally, socially, creatively, cognitively, and in the area of language and math. Each resource has been pre-tested to ensure the highest quality and has been used by Children's Librarians, Elementary School Teachers, Early Childhood Educators, Music Instructors, ESL Instructors and parents since 1979. - Parents may use the Internet to deposit money into their child's account for breakfast and lunch. Parents may monitor the student's usage, set spending limits and receive e-mail notifications when the balance is low.


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NASA Kids (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) - For students K-8. This site has sections on Space and Beyond, Rockets and Airplanes, Projects and Games, and Pioneers and Astronauts. This site is full of child friendly information such as space, space suits, living in space, sundials, weather, the water cycle, careers and astronomy.


National Academic League (NAL) - NAL combines important aspects of team sports (competitiveness, strategy and cooperation in a group effort) with important aspects of learning (problem solving, critical thinking and scholarship). Many of the district's junior high schools and the Mesa Academy for Advanced Studies offer NAL.


National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) - The National Assessment of Educational Progress is a periodic assessment of U.S. students. It measures what our students know and can do in a variety of subject areas.  


National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) - National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) invests all of its resources to train teachers, encourage parents and educate administrators and policymakers on how to develop and support gifted children and what's at stake if high-potential learners are not challenged and encouraged.


National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) - National Association for the Education of Young Children understands how important a child’s education and development are to parents and families, which is why this section is devoted to you. 
NAEYC developed the resources in this section to support families in their early childhood education and parenting needs. In this section you can learn how to make the Right Choice for Kids, the importance of and how to find an NAEYC Accredited program in your area, information to give young children a great start on learning, early childhood education news from all over the U.S. and world, and the opportunity to visit NAEYC's web site to learn even more.
Other sections of the web site that may be of interest include, ordering publications on parent-teacher relationships, taking an active part in advocating for quality early childhood education, and celebrating early learning success in an annual Week of the Young Child.


National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) - The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, (NCMEC), is a private, (501)(c)(3) nonprofit organization which was created in 1984. The mission of the organization is to serve as the nation’s resource on the issues of missing and sexually exploited children. The organization provides information and resources to law enforcement, parents and children including child victims as well as other professionals.


National Center on Physical Activity and Disability (NCPAD) - NCPAD is an information center concerned with physical activity and disability. Being physically active is good for everybody. That's a message you will find many times on this site. Being active is an important part of getting and staying healthy. One 'must read' item on this website is our monograph on Can Disability, Chronic Conditions, Health and Wellness Coexist? in which author June Kailles discusses the common confusion people have about the relationship between having a disability and being healthy. Once you realize that EVERY BODY needs some activity to get and remain healthy, you will find we have a great many resources to help you find how YOU can participate. We have information and resources for EVERYONE, from guidelines to consider before starting any kind of exercise program to factsheets on many popular activities, games, recreational pursuits, and sports that have been adapted to allow people with disabilities to participate as fully as they wish, become as active as they wish.


National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) - The National Council of Teachers of English is devoted to improving the teaching and learning of English and the language arts at all levels of education. This mission statement was adopted in 1990.


National Geographic For Kids - From the famous National Geographic is a website with articles, games and quizzes for kids. This site provides an accessible menu at every page. Nice photographs and world information available.

National Merit Scholarships - See PSAT/NMSQT.

National Network of Partnership Schools - Established at Johns Hopkins University in 1996, NNPS invites schools, districts, states, and organizations to join together and use research-based approaches to organize and sustain excellent programs of family and community involvement that will increase student success in school.

National Parent Teacher Association - As the largest volunteer child advocacy association in the nation, National Parent Teacher Association (PTA) provides parents and families with a powerful voice to speak on behalf of every child and the best tools to help their children be safe, healthy, and successful - in school and in life.


Native American Education Program - The Native American Education Program is open and available to all Native American students of the Mesa Public School District. We work with the education departments of the Salt River Pima-Maricopa and Fort McDowell communities. Our goal is to encourage and provide the necessary tools to help each student reach his/her maximum potential and to help make his/her educational experience positive and rewarding.


Newsletters -The district has several publications for staff, parents and residents.


Nick Jr. - This site is great for younger children. Use the Quick Search to find what you are looking for quicker. The Quick Search is organized by: Age-by-Age Activities, Activity Finder, Nick Jr. Shows, and Message Board.


No Child Left Behind (NCLB) - No Child Left Behind is a federal law that impacts K-12 education and requires certain actions on the part of the state and the school district.


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One Look Dictionary Search - This website helps you find definitions, translations and searches many different dictionaries. 


Open Enrollment - Arizona is an open-enrollment state. Parents may select a school outside their neighborhood attendance area or their school district. MPS welcomes open enrollment students.


Opt-Out Form - The form allows parents to deny student access to the Internet at school, being photographed or interviewed by the media, or allowing the district to share information with military recruiters as required under No Child Left Behind. Complete the form and submit it to the school office each year.


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Parent Hotline - Parent Hotline is a free service available for Parents and families 

Parent Information and Resource Centers (PIRCs) - Parent Information and Resource Centers (PIRCs) help implement successful and effective parental involvement policies, programs, and activities that lead to improvements in student academic achievement and that strengthen partnerships among parents, teachers, principals, administrators, and other school personnel in meeting the education needs of children. Sec. 5563 of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) requires the recipients of PIRC grants to: serve both rural and urban areas; use at least half their funds to serve areas with high concentrations of low-income children; and use at least 30 percent of the funds they receive for early childhood parent programs.


Parent Newsletters - Mesa Public School publishes "What's Happening", "Que Pasa", and "Parent Update". Click here to view them.


Parent University - Welcome to Parent University, an opportunity to sharpen your skills as you work in one of life's most important and demanding pursuits. Parent University provides parents and caregivers with information about their vital role in shaping children's lives. Sessions focus on child development and effective parenting skills. The classes are presented by national consultants and prominent Valley educators. All parents and caregivers are invited. You need not be a Mesa resident to attend.
This site allows you to sign-up for classes by going to the "register online" link below.  We invite you to preview the upcoming classes by clicking on the Featured Classes, Growth & Development, Guidance & Behavior and Health & Academic tabs. You can watch past presentations on your computer by visiting our Video Archive.


Parent Update - The district's No Child Left Behind report is published each fall.


Parent’s Resource Guide - From after school programs and arts & crafts to locating the nearest zoo with a zebra, Parent’s Resource Guide can help you locate just about anything!


Parent’s Resource Guide is the only parenting reference book of its kind in the Phoenix area directly targeted to address the needs of parents and caregivers of children: childcare, preschools, charter and private schools, special needs, enrichment, entertainment, youth sports, and much, much more. 


Parent's Magazine - A magazine by, for, and about parents, babies, children, etc.


Parents Resource Center - provides advice and stories from parents and professionals about drug prevention, intervention and raising healthy teens.


PBS Kids - This is the hangout for all of the favorite PBS stars: Arthur, Theodore Tugboat, Mister Rogers and more. Each TV site offers activities, games, and coloring pages.


PE 4Life - To develop a country of active and healthy children and youth by increasing access to quality physical education solutions by engaging them in a fun and interactive way. 
We believe PE should:
~Be directed to all students, not just the athletically inclined
~Offer a variety of fitness, sport, leisure and adventure activities
~Provide a safe and encouraging learning environment 
~Utilize individual assessments
~Incorporate current technology
~Extend beyond the walls of the gymnasium
~Ideally, be offered to every child every day



PE Links 4U - pelinks4u is a non-profit program of Central Washington University dedicated to promoting active and healthy lifestyles.


Preschools - MPS offers Prekindergarten, Family Tree, Home-Based Migrant Preschool, Mesa Early Learning Preschool and Special Education Preschool Services. Maricopa County offers Head Start and Early Head Start.


Project Appleseed - Project Appleseed is a major educational resource and advocate for parents and families engaged in the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness in America’s public schools.
Our Three Purposes:  To positively impact public education, we promote quality improvement in learning, wellness, and school facilities to aid parents and educators in meeting the needs of the whole child through three purposes:
1. Increasing student achievement by mobilizing parent, family and community volunteers inside and outside schools.
2. Strengthening fitness & nutrition by supporting family participation in physical activities and healthy eating.
3. Enhancing the learning environment by utilizing alumni and community giving – as universities do - to finance the rebuilding public schools as green buildings.


PTO Today - Founded June 1, 1999, PTO Today quickly established itself at the center of the school parent group world (PTOs and PTAs) as both a valuable resource and a trusted voice for the entire parent group market. PTO Today is the only company dedicated exclusively to providing a full suite of products, programs and services to the entire K-8 school parent group market. Regardless of the acronym (PTO or PTA, etc.), PTO Today is committed to helping parent group leaders serve their schools more effectively and run their groups more efficiently.

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Ranger Rick - Offered by the National Wildlife Federation, this website has activities dealing with the endangered animals.


Read to Achieve - The NBA’s Read to Achieve program is a year-round campaign to help young people develop a life-long love for reading and encourage adults to read regularly to children.


Read Write Think - Here at ReadWriteThink, our mission is to provide educators, parents, and after school professionals with access to the highest quality practices in reading and language arts instruction by offering the very best in free materials.


Ready to Learn - ¡Welcome, Bienvenidos! to PBS KIDS Raising Readers, where kids can play free reading games and activities with their parents, teachers, and caregivers!


Redbird Elementary Library Resource Center -  Resources on: Battle of the Books, Childrens Storybooks, Mesa Public Library, Mesa Public School Databases, Ancient Rome, Animals, Arizona, Kid Space, Middle Ages- LibGuide, Native American Cultures- LibGuide, and Webster Dictionary.

Responsibility Project - Why Responsibility? What Does It Mean? Why Is It Important?
As an insurance company, we like responsible people. Because people who believe in doing the right thing don’t just make better people, they make better customers. But the idea of responsibility can be difficult to define. What does it mean? Why is it important? These aren’t questions that can be easily addressed or agreed upon. There are a lot of differing opinions and beliefs involved. And while we may never uncover any definitive answers, we believe the questions are still worth asking.


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Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) - The college entrance exam is administered by the College Board. It is required by some colleges and universities for admission. 


Scholastic Newszone - Scholastic Newszone is the homepage for all the editions of Scholastic News Online. The homepage is updated daily with the day's news, sports, special events and polls.


Service Learning - Service learning volunteer programs are available at many schools. Students may earn the Honor for Excellence in Service Learning upon completion of 150 hours of service learning throughout the four years of high school. This can be a combination of curriculum-based service learning and extracurricular service sponsored by clubs or community organizations.



Sheppard Software - Hundreds of educational games, activities, quizzes, articles and more, for kids and everyone to use online – and free! Some of the activities are: Animals for Kids , Preschool & Kindergarten, Math Games,  U.S. Geography Games , Nutrition for Kids, Paint Activities , USA 4 Kids, Seasons for Kids, Puzzles, Language Arts Games , Animal Articles & Quizzes, Science Games , Pre K & K Animals, World Geography Games, Chemistry Quizzes, Health Games, Animal Games for Kids , Brain Games and History Quizzes.



Skills and Strategies for Effective Learning - This site shows you ideas for "getting results" that will help you more fully enjoy the great adventure of learning. It includes: Learning Skills - for Now and for Life, Motivations and Learning Strategies, Study Skills & Thinking Skills for Effective Learning, and Learning Skills — Web Resources.


Sports Illustrated for Kids - Sports Illustrated for Kids has interactive activities and games as well as stories on today's latest sports heroes. Check out the day's scores, stats, and standings at the Stat Center. Good articles included from the printed magazine version.


State Standards - MPS curriculum for kindergarten through 12th grade is aligned with Arizona State Standards in the arts, comprehensive health and physical activity, foreign and native language, language arts (including reading and writing), math, social studies, technology and workplace skills.


States and Capitals - This is an amazing site. It is perfect for elementary school kids, up to high school. It gives you information on state capitals, state birds, governors, congressional representatives, and much more!


Stop Bullying Now! - Welcome to the Stop Bullying Now! Campaign. You can learn all about bullying and what you can do to stop it. Take a look around and you’ll find games and cartoon Webisodes that help you Take a Stand. Lend a Hand. Stop Bullying Now!


Summer Kidz Camp - This is a licensed summer childcare option for elementary-age children.


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Teacher Café - Free Teacher, Parent & Student Education Resources. It has information on K-5 Math, Reading, Audio Books, Writing, Grammar, Social Studies, Science, Geography, History, Geometry, 6-12 English, Worksheets, Assessments, Algebra, Homeschool, Preschool, Kindergarten, Middle School, High School, Management, TESL(Teaching ESL), Spanish, Ed News , Online Class, Kids Books, Centers, and Specialist.


Tests - The district uses several assessments to measure student achievement and to comply with state and federal government mandates. Individual tests include AIMS, district tests, NAEP and Stanford 10.  


Time for Kids - This companion to the Time for Kids magazine connects youth with up to the minute news and current events. The site also includes a dictionary, measurement conversion table, country information and games.


Tutoring - Many schools offer free tutoring programs before school, after school or during lunch. Ask your teacher for information. MPS offers study resources, at no cost to students in the Library Resource Centers  databases 

Tutoring Club - Tutoring for students of all academic levels, K-12.
Tutoring Club offers individualized instruction with tutors in our exclusive TutorAid programs for math, reading, writing, SAT and ACT preparation, study skills and more. Ask about our Tutoring Club guarantee!


Tutors for Kids - This page offers information about supplemental educational services (SES) for parents and families. It also offers tips on how to use this website.


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Virtual Reference Shelf - Great for reports and general information. Over 30 links from Arts and Music, History, Quotes, almanacs and more. 

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Walk On! Program - Walk On! is a fun, educational program designed to motivate kids across Arizona to incorporate exercise into their daily routines. Walk On! is an initial step in combating childhood obesity and getting kids on track toward better health.


White House for Kids - The White House, its history, moments of the Presidency, kids and pets in the White House.




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