Parent Teacher Organization

The Redbird Elementary School Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) promotes communication, understanding and cooperation among students, faculty, parents, school board and the community; to increase educational opportunities for students by raising funds to support PTO programs and services; and to elect volunteer parent representatives to coordinate these programs and services.


President: Jeannette Caldwell
Vice President: Norma Garcia

Secretary: Vicki Lescoe 

Treasurers: David and Priscilla Horning
English Volunteer Coordinator: Fina Pikula
Spanish Volunteer Coordinator:  Hector Rodriguea 

Volunteer Information


Volunteer Procedures

As a Volunteer Please...

The Effective Volunteer

Guidelines for Working with Children

What a Volunteer Can Expect from Teachers and School Staff

What a Teacher Can Expect from Volunteers

Box Tops/Soup Labels




Volunteering For Redbird Elementary School


Volunteer Procedures


Volunteering in a school is an experience and a privilege for both the school and the volunteer. It is designed to promote and maintain a supportive relationship for the students, teachers and school staff.


Please help keep our program running smoothly by following these guidelines:


·         Sign in at the office when you arrive at school.

·         Wear your volunteer name tag.

·         Sign out at the office when you leave.

·         Return your volunteer name tag.

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As a Volunteer Please...


·         respect confidences of student and school personnel.

·         follow the guidelines established by the school such as dress code, hours of work, adult behavior, values and all regulations, rules and policies stated for school employees and volunteers.

·         use reasonable judgment in making decisions, then as soon as possible, consult with school staff for future guidance.

·         be considerate, respect competencies and work as a member of the team with the staff and students. Realize that you do not have instructional, evaluation, decision-making or teaching responsibilities for students, but are expected to enrich and extend learning opportunities for students and promote educational excellence for the school system.

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The Effective Volunteer:


·         is cooperative with the administration and teaching personnel.

·         is sincerely concerned about students.

·         is willing to be discreet, sincere, dedicated and punctual.

·         recognizes the individuality of each student.

·         respects the teacher or staff member's ultimate responsibility for the health, welfare and education of each student.

·         cooperates, coordinates and communicates continually with school administrators, faculty members and staff.

·         provides the teacher or staff member with the satisfaction of knowing that the student's needs are being met and that quality education is being promoted, extended and enriched.

·         receives the sincere gratitude of the total school community.

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Guidelines for Working with Children


·         Encourage children to do their own thinking.

·         Give students plenty of time to answer.

·         Accept children as they are. You must not feel responsible for judging children's abilities, progress or behaviors.

·         Respect children's privacy. If a child or teacher reveals personal information, regard it as a confidence.

·         Help build students' self confidence and keep a positive attitude. Remember, effort and attentiveness can be as important as performance.

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What a Volunteer Can Expect from Teachers and School Staff


The school staff will:


·         provide specific instructions to the volunteer.

·         provide space for the volunteer to do their work.

·         provide necessary materials and equipment.

·         communicate with the volunteer as needed.

·         provide advance notice when special events interfere with the volunteer


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What a Teacher Can Expect from Volunteers


Confidentiality:   When volunteering, please remember that the behaviors and abilities of students, teachers and staff are never appropriate topics for discussions outside of school. Respect confidences of students and school personnel. Be alert to the need for confidentiality.


Dependability:   The staff you work with will depend upon you to be present at your scheduled time. Their tasks are planned with your help in mind. The students will expect you and look forward to you coming to their class. Therefore, if you will not be able to volunteer on a particular day, please notify the school office immediately and leave a message for the staff member. Also, please be prompt. Being punctual lets the students know they are important to you. If you must be late, notify the school office.


Volunteers help to make our school a success. With parent involvement, amazing things can be accomplished. Here are some of the areas where the PTA Volunteer Coordinator is looking for help at Redbird Elementary:


·         Office Volunteers

·         Volunteers to make copies for teachers

·         Library Volunteers

·         Classroom Volunteers

·         Special Project Volunteers


Do you have a particular skill or talent you would like to share with the school community? Let us know about it by contacting the Volunteer Coordinator.

If you or a company you know is willing to donate to the PTA either with a cash donation or product donation for one of our PTA events, Please contact the parent coordinator for any details. Reminder: All donations are appreciated and are tax deductible.


Please remember, one of the most important ways that a parent can volunteer, is to look over the paper's your child brings home every night, help your child with any homework, read notes sent home, check and sign assignment notebooks and read with your child every day. This is the most important thing you can do to help at school!

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Box Tops/Soup Labels


Save box tops with the "Box Tops for Education" logo on them from participating General Mills, Betty Crocker, Yoplait, and Lloyd's products. Our school receives 10 cents for each box top collected.


If you have questions, please contact our Box Tops for Education coordinator Lori Montgomery

Click Here to Go To Campbell's Web Site for More Information


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