Mrs. Lourdes Garcia-Kenning

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Lourdes Garcia-Kenning originally from New York City, moved to AZ in 1977 where she continued her career and earned several degrees with honors in Music Therapy, Piano Performance and masters in Special Education at ASU.


Career and Teaching:

Lourdes’ careers extend working in hospitals, institutions, therapy sessions, piano teaching and teaching special education in different school settings in New Jersey, New York and Arizona. Her teaching career started in 1997 and presently loves teaching kindergarten and 1st grade with students with Mild Intellectual Disabilities (MIID) Self contained. As her students progress emotionally and academically, she includes them into inclusionary practices based on their strengths. 

 She brings into her classroom the knowledge of diverse teaching strategies, music therapy, psychology, special education strategies, and bilingual/ESL strategies. Lourdes strives to reach each child’s fullest potential by looking at the student as a whole, using each child’s individual strengths to work on weaknesses.  She also works on a tight school-home connection with each parent to help guide their child into a bright and productive future. 


Piano, music training and competitions:

Lourdes started playing piano at the age of 4 under the tutelage of internationally renowned concert artists and scholars as Aurora Ragaini Martin, Steven De Groote and Caio Pagano.  Mrs. Garcia-Kenning is a double major earning bachelor degrees from ASU in Music Therapy and Piano Performance. She has also recorded for KBAQ, performed as a recital soloist, accompanist, chamber and orchestral soloist throughout the states in NJ, NY, MA, OH, MD, TX.  Lourdes has also won major competitions in the states of NY, NJ and AZ.  AT 10, Lourdes had debuted with the NJ Symphony performing Haydn's Concerto in C Major. Now she is passing on her love of music and technical skills onto her talented young pianists. 


Lourdes has worked as a nationally registered, board certified music therapist working in states of New Jersey, New York and Arizona.


Interests and hobbies:

I enjoy learning about people and places.  I also love traveling with my equally adventurous husband.  We live in such a diverse world, that learning about cultures as well as being immersed in them and their music has always been a passion for me. 

To help “de-stress”, I am an avid hiker, biker, and swimmer, and practice the piano like a "fiend".  To relax, I enjoy working with polymer clays.  To provide my own “therapy”, I love to teach children with special needs and teach piano.  My therapy is playing the piano, accompany choirs and instrumentalists. 


Feel free in contacting me or setting up a time for a visit with your child in our classroom.  We always encourage parent participation in order to help parents carry over the strategies at home.