ADE Releases AzMERIT practice tests

The state posted AzMERIT practice tests today (2/20). If your students will be taking the new AzMERIT test, please let them use the practice tests so they can be familiar with the item types they will see on the test in April.

The Arizona Department of Education released today practice test items for the new AzMERIT test which is replacing AIMS reading, writing and math tests. The sample tests will give students experience with the item formats that they will see on the actual test. The AzMERIT online test has about 15-20% of the items that use new formats that the students may not have seen before. 

If you teach grades 3-8 math or English - Language Arts or grade 9-11 English or Math (MA25, 30, 40) , please use these with your students. Students can log in as a guest. They will not get a score. If you teach other grades or subjects, you may want to look at the practice tests for your own information. Feel free to share these practice websites with your students' parents.

The following is what the state released:

"AzMERIT Sample Tests are now available! 
These sample tests are built to function like the actual AzMERIT tests. They are intended to provide students the opportunity to use and become familiar with all of the tools and functionality of the computer-based AzMERIT tests. They are not intended to provide information regarding students’ readiness for AzMERIT testing.

 There is a short presentation (less than 6 minutes) and a User Guide to accompany the Sample Tests.  Both are posted on the AzMERIT webpage and AzMERIT portal and linked below:

§  Introduction to AzMERIT Sample Tests and User Guide – February 20, 2015 NEW

§  Sample Test User Guide – February 20, 2015 NEW

§  The AzMERIT portal can be found at

 We are aware of an intermittent issue on some devices with the Line Reader tool. We will post an announcement on the AzMERIT portal as soon as this is fully resolved. If you have any feedback or questions regarding the functionality of the AzMERIT Sample Tests please email us at"

The tests will probably work best in Chrome or Firefox, we have had some issues when using Internet Explorer. 

-- Cindy Bochna



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